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Unlock the benefits of Kanban with our various Kanban training accredited by the Kanban University. Read more to discover the best fit training course for your purpose and start working towards your agility goals today.

Get Started with Individual Kanban (IKP Credential)

Have you learned about the benefits of Kanban and are looking to get started right away? The Individual Kanban for Enterprise (IKE) course might be just what you are looking for The IKE course is a great starting point for anyone looking to learn how to use Kanban at an individual level. In the course, you will learn how to set up your own individual board but also take a look at how to decide the maturity of your organization and tune your efforts for a better fit. This course is especially great for anyone working remotely and focuses on how to relieve overburdening and stressors associated with working from home. Participants of the IKE course will be awarded the Individual Kanban Practitioner credential by Kanban University.

Begin and Get the Most Out of Your Kanban System (KMP Credential)

If you are part of a team wanting to get started on or improve your new Kanban system, our KMP classes are the place for you. To demonstrate your knowledge of Kanban you might choose to become a Kanban Management Professional (KMP). This credential is awarded to those who complete two levels of Kanban foundation courses. With our KMP Bundle option, participants can enjoy both the foundation-level courses needed for the credential. They will take part in the Kanban System Design course to dive into what is Kanban and how to design a unique Kanban system for them to enjoy its many benefits such as relief from overburdening and increased productivity.

 After completing KSD, KMP Bunde participants move on to our Kanban for Design and Innovation (KDI) course. During KDI, they will learn to improve their Kanban system and how to design the upstream component (Discovery Kanban). While learning important concepts such as evolutionary change, they will also learn how to use this upstream Kanban system to shape demand and make smart decisions about which ideas to invest, which to discard, and which to shelve for later. Participants will also have the option of joining us for a KMP Bundle Plus option to complete their system improvement knowledge with an understanding of both discovery and delivery systems.

Move Forward and Coach Improvement (KCP Credential)

Two advanced courses are needed to become a Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) and demonstrate your capability to coach towards better outcomes, stronger resilience, and improved business agility. The Kanban Maturity Model (KMM) course teaches you to use the most powerful tool in Kanban. Participants learn how to use the Kanban Maturity Model to find the outcomes they are looking for and the steps to take to create the cultural change and practice implementation needed to get there.
      After learning the playbook that is KMM, the Kanban Coaching Practices (KCP) course takes it further teaching you how to take everything you know about the KMM and STATIK and lead the change needed to implement the steps. This course teaches how to deal with resistance to change and explores in depth the concept of evolutionary change. Both courses are available at DJASOM with a price-friendly bundle option.

Become a Master of Change Leadership (AKC Credential)

The first step to becoming an Accredited Kanban Consultant (AKC) and joining a league of top Kanban professionals is to take the Change Leadership Masterclass. This unique learning experience taught by David Anderson explores change advanced topics of leadership, identity, sociology, and evolutionary change. Participants can expand their knowledge beyond the content of the book with lectures, activities, and discussion. This class is always evolving to contain the newest insights and content and guarantees to leave participants with the knowledge and understanding needed to successfully lead a change initiative.

Give Your Customers What They Want (CXP Credential)

Guarantee that all of your steps with Kanban are headed in the right direction. Become a Customer Experience Professional (CXP) and demonstrate your knowledge of the Fit for Purpose framework. Take the Fit for Purpose (F4P) training course and learn how to create a design, service, and delivery that is aimed towards your customers’ needs. Learn to figure out what your customer wants and the correct metrics to measure if a change is making a difference or not. Learn about Fit for Purpose scores, a key strategic planning tool for enterprise services planning, and make strategic decisions with confidence.

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