Upcoming: The Leadership Maturity Model: Developing Leaders Who Can Mold Culture to Enable Agility

With David Anderson

The Kanban Maturity Model has shown that organizational maturity is critical to achieving desirable business outcomes at scale. Without maturity, there can be no scale. An organization’s maturity will always be constrained by the maturity of its leaders. Therefore, leadership development is a critical enabler of large-scale business success.

This talk will describe the Leadership Maturity Model and show how it relates to the Kanban Maturity Model and the development of an organizational culture suitable for large-scale business agility.

Join us Tuesday, June 29th at 3:30 PM CEST.

This is an intermediate-level webinar. Some knowledge of the Kanban Maturity Model will enhance understanding and provide necessary background. Read below to find out more about our webinar levels. 

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