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To make our online training even more accessible we are now offer training priced according to the cost of living in each country.

Being part of a global market, we are proud to announce we now adjust our pricing for purchasing power parity in many countries of the world. 

Please read the article on how we developed pricing based on on purchasing power parity here. 

Enquire about pricing in your country for a quote today. 

David J Anderson

School of Management

The David J Anderson School of Management is a management training company offering a broad range of classes in management and leadership development including: strategic planning, marketing, product management, service design, market research, leadership, service delivery, risk management and coaching / leading successful change. The target audience is university graduates holding current management positions from initial department managers to board level directors.

Our headquarters are based in Seattle, WA, United States, with our newly-opened secondary location in Bilbao, Spain. 

Download free resources for the Fit For Purpose Framework including the infographic.Start your journey in developing fit for purpose products and services.  

Download the BBVA Bank case study, Maturity Model A0 Size, A3 poster and the first chapter of the KMM book. Start your journey towards evolutionary change.


Change Leadership Masterclass (AKC)

This leadership & coaching Masterclass is for consultants, coaches, change agents, managers and Kanban practitioners who want to take it further. 

Kanban Maturity Model

The Kanban Maturity Model codifies more than 10 years of experience implementing Kanban across diverse industries, in businesses small to extremely large. It plays an important role in creating unity, aligment, a sense of pupose and good governance. Use it to gain a better sense of achievement, provide better products and services, delight your customers, and realize superior business results. Completion of this course will award current Kanban Management Professionals the Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) credential.

Kanban Coaching Practices

This course will teach coaching tools and techniques to be successful leading significant evolutionary change initiatives with a goal of achieving Maturity Level 2 or Maturity Level 3 at an enterprise scale. This 2-day course offers a codified Kanban Method approach to introducing and implementing change, and is specifically designed to augment the 3-day Kanban Maturity Model (KMM) course, which is a prerequisite. This course is intended to extend the coaching skills of those who have obtained the KMP credential and have attended the KMM course. The KMM and KCP courses, along with the Kanban Management Professional (KMP) certification are required to attain the Kanban Coaching Professional certification.

Fit for Purpose

This is the 2-day class developed from the recent book, Fit For Purpose – How Modern Businesses Find, Satisfy & Keep Customers, by David J. Anderson & Alexei Zheglov. This class presents a significant part of the strategic planning, marketing, market research, product management and service design from the suite of classes offered in Enterprise Service Planning.

This class will offer you significant new insights into how to optimize the effectiveness of your business, to produce fit-for-purpose products and services that delight your customers, making them loyal to your brand and increasing your share, revenues and margins.

Agile Pain Point Solutions (APPS) Series

Agile Pain Point Solutions (APPS) Series is collection of 1-day classes that cut straight to the challenges people have been reporting to us for over a decade. Offering simple, yet powerful answers, each class gives you new skills and insights with which to address an aspect of Agile adoption that is poorly addressed in conventional literature.

Enterprise Services Planning

Enterprise Services Planning (ESP) is a framework of tools that leaders of 21st Century knowledge-work enterprises can apply to their strategic and capacity planning. ESP is often described as the equivalent of MRP for a professional services business.

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