Organizational Resilience

Our solutions are pillars of resilience for modern businesses.

Modern businesses need resilience to survive.

Writing in Forbes shortly after the global lockdown in response to the novel coronavirus and Covid-19, Julian Birkinshaw of London Business School, suggests that the new imperative for senior leaders isn’t enterprise agility, rather, it is now enterprise resilience.

We believe that resilience is the imperative for organizations in this third decade of the 21st Century. We agree with authors like Julian Birkinshaw, Nassim Taleb, and Jared Diamond. We also believe that resilient, modern, intangible goods; professional services; and knowledge worker organizations can be built on adopting the Kanban Method as a fundamental foundation to that resilience. 

Organizatoinal resilience is needed in order to survive & grow
Business Resilience Kanban
The Kanban Method is the foundation for organizational resilience

The pillars of the modern resilient business are a Service-Oriented Organization (SOO), Fitness-for-Purpose (F4P), Enterprise Services Planning (ESP), and Organizational Maturity delivered using the KMM. These are the pillars of resilience that have been built upon the foundations on the Kanban Method.  Above which leadership is the mantle holding the pillars together. 

We have the methods to achieve true organizational agility through evolutionary change instead of the dramatic change that is offered by early Agile methods.  

Keep your customers satisfied and your business resilient using the solutions we have developed with leading companies over the last 10 years.