David J Anderson

David is an innovator in management thinking for 21st Century businesses. 

He is the author and pioneer of the Kanban Method and has more than 30 years’ experience working in the high-technology industry. David has previously worked at IBM, Sprint, Motorola, and Microsoft.

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Originator of the Kanban Method, and co-creator of the Kanban Maturity Model, the Fit-for-Purpose Framework and Enterprise Services Planning. David is focused on management training and leadership development in professional services, and intangible goods industries. 

David is the author of 7 leading books on developing the Kanban method for modern businesses. In 2010 he published “KANBAN: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business” which is in the top 5 best-selling Agile books of all time.

He is the founder of the Kanban University with over 400 accredited trainers and consultants, multiple global conferences, and is Chairman of the David J. Anderson School of Management providing training in 21st century business practices for enterprise agility, business resilience and organizational maturity.

The group of companies founded by David are held within Mauvius Group Inc. These are a group of companies, that aim to improve the quality of management, leadership and decision making in modern 21st century professional services intangible goods industries.

David Anderson School of Management

David founded the David J Anderson School of Management in 2008 to train managers from all over the world to give them a new way to view and interpret the world around them be able to make clear decisions with confidence. 

David ensures all the training, methods, frameworks and guidance that he gives managers using his sports coaching philosophy gives them pragmatic, actionable, evidence-based guidance.

Following our brand purpose ensures managers understand what they can start doing as early as next week, to implement improvements on a practical level, that will deliver predictable outcomes that are an improvement.