Crisis Management with Kanban

Crisis Management with Kanban

How Kanban Systems Can Effectively Manage a Crisis Earthquakes, roof collapses, viruses; our world is full of events that can potentially harm or limit a team or business. Responding quickly and effectively to these challenges may be crucial to survival. Crisis mode...

Getting to “pull” at enterprise level: Why is it so hard?

In part 1 of this series I described the incredible benefits that Kanban is providing to organizations around the world. I asserted that far greater gains could be achieved if only Kanban initiatives were fully embraced and moved to a deeper level of “pull” at enterprise scale.

But how do we even know if we are achieving a complete pull system or not?

Branson and Trump: Management by Reality [Show]

Today, Sir Richard Branson spoke out against Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.  In reference to this, we are re-posting David J Anderson’s 2005 article about their respective management styles, as previously published in the book “Lessons in Agile Management Book:...