Become A Certified Kanban Professional: 3 Learning Pathways


Are you looking to become a certified Kanban professional but not sure where to start? Choose the right learning pathway for your needs! Recently two brand new learning pathways joined our catalog with the introduction of Kanban Leadership Professional training and Kanban Product Professional training. Let’s take a closer look at the different learning pathways available and the courses along the way.

Certified Kanban Product Professionals

The Product Pathway

This pathway is for product managers, product owners, business analysts, stakeholders, or anyone involved in the product decision-making process. Kanban Product Professionals are experts in managing upstream, discovery, and innovation activities. They are capable of managing risk, selecting the most valuable work, and scheduling it at the optimal time.

If you are interested in becoming a KPP, the first step is to build your foundation of knowledge by becoming a Kanban Management Professional. For KPPs, the recommended foundation courses are the Kanban System Design course and the Kanban for Design and Innovation course. After completing the foundation knowledge, the next step is to take the Kanban Product Professional I course. This course focuses on the Fit for Purpose framework and how to use it to find value. The final step is the Kanban Product Professional II course which focuses on maximizing delivery value and includes many Enterprise Services Planning concepts. The courses can be taken separately or as part of a bundle package.

Accredited Kanban Consultants

The Consultancy Pathway

This pathway is for agile coaches, consultants, and change agents. Accredited Kanban Consultants are highly qualified professionals able to help organizations apply the Kanban Method and achieve improved business outcomes. They possess the mindset, knowledge, and tools to lead successful Kanban implementations. Start out with a strong foundation of knowledge by becoming a Kanban Management Professional. This can be done by completing the Kanban Systems Design course and either the Kanban for Design and Innovation course or the Kanban Systems Improvement course.

After acquiring a strong base of Kanban knowledge, the next step on the consultancy pathway is becoming a Kanban Coaching Professional. Kanban Coaching Professionals have extensive knowledge of the Kanban Maturity Model and Kanban coaching tools and techniques to lead a successful implementation. Required courses for becoming a Kanban Coaching Professional are the Kanban Maturity Model course and Kanban Coaching Practices course. Often, these participants take these courses back-to-back to learn both the guide and the implementation at the same time. If interested in taking both courses, make sure to check out our course bundle offers.

The final learning step in becoming an Accredited Kanban Consultant is to take the Change Leadership Masterclass. This is the most advanced Kanban course available and is taught by David Anderson. It teaches themes of identity, psychology, sociology, and leadership. After the course, there are additional steps to becoming an Accredited Kanban Consultant that can be completed with the help of Kanban University. These steps include a written application, panel interview, and reflective essay. Find out more about becoming an AKC with our past AKC panel webinar.

Certified Kanban Leadership Professionals

The Leadership Pathway

This pathway is for leaders, executives, or those with an interest in leadership maturity. This pathway creates strong leaders capable of resilience and reinvention. The Kanban Leadership Professional courses focus on the leadership maturity model, a roadmap for leadership development. To become a Kanban Leadership Professional, the first step is to start out with a strong foundation by becoming a Kanban Management Professional. For this pathway, both Kanban for Design and Innovation and Kanban Systems Improvement can be a strong base of knowledge to continue on the pathway.

After completing the KMP courses, the next step is the Kanban Leadership Professional I course. This course takes a look at understanding leadership and introduces the concept of leadership maturity. The final portion of the KLP pathway consists of the Kanban Leadership Professional II course that focuses more on actionable leadership. Both KLP courses are available separately or in a course bundle.

Need further assistance finding your course?

Download the learning pathways infographic to have a clear view of the three learning pathways available. For questions or assistance booking your training, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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