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15 July

2 weeks, 15 Jul - 25 Jul
3:00pm CEST - 6:00pm CEST
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7 October

2 weeks, 07 Oct - 17 Oct
9:00am CEST - 12:00pm CEST
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  • Description

    About the Bundle

    Kanban Maturity Model + Kanban Coaching

    This course bundle offers a comprehensive learning experience, combining the Kanban Maturity Model and Kanban Coaching courses into a single package. Delve into the intricacies of organizational transformation with the Kanban Maturity Model, gaining insights into assessing organizational maturity levels and implementing targeted improvement strategies. Then, enhance your coaching skills with the Kanban Coaching course, learning advanced techniques for driving evolutionary change and overcoming resistance within your organization. Whether you choose to take the courses back-to-back or across separate dates, this bundle provides a cost-effective and efficient way to deepen your expertise in Kanban methodologies and lead successful organizational change initiatives.


    Is This Bundle Right for Me?

    The course bundle is the best learning option for you if you are:

    • In Charge of Leading a Change Initiative or Transformation: You want to not only learn about the Kanban Maturity Model, but how to utilize to successfully coach change initiatives.
    • Seeking practical strategies: You are seeking practical strategies to address resistance and foster a thriving culture of evolution
    • Navigate Complex Change Landscapes: You are eager to navigate complex change landscapes  within your organization with ease and proficiency
    • Wanting to Become a Kanban Coaching Professional: This course bundle includes both courses need for Kanban Management Professionals to take their credentials with Kanban University to the next level


    Part 1: Kanban Maturity Model


    The Kanban Maturity Model (KMM) encapsulates over a decade of Kanban implementation expertise across diverse industries and business scales. This course equips participants with a comprehensive understanding of the KMM, its significance in fostering unity, alignment, and purpose within organizations, and its pivotal role in achieving superior business outcomes.

    Unveil the transformative power of the Kanban Maturity Model (KMM) in assessing and elevating organizational maturity. This course empowers participants to gauge their organization's maturity level, chart a strategic path forward, and implement Kanban practices for enhanced customer satisfaction and internal efficiency. Explore the KMM as a tool for framing evolutionary change, empowering you to navigate complexities and realize desired outcomes.


    The KMM Appraisal Tool:

    Study with the David J Anderson School of Management and enjoy the most up to date KMM knowledge and guidance. This includes an exclusive first look in the KMM appraisal tool. An objective & easy way to assess an organization’s maturity. Gain access to the tool and practice using it with the help of case studies during class.



    • Evaluate organizational maturity based on observable behaviors, management practices, and business outcomes.
    • Develop tailored approaches to advance organizational maturity levels.
    • Implement Kanban practices to optimize customer satisfaction and internal objectives.
    • Understand the Kanban Maturity Model and its role in evolutionary change management.
    • Understand the two common failure modes during organizational change initiatives and how to avoid them.
    • Assess organizational maturity levels and identify opportunities for improvement.
    • Lead organizations effectively through successive maturity levels with tailored strategies.



    Part 2: Kanban Coaching



    Unlock the secrets to successful coaching in leading transformative change initiatives with our Kanban Coaching course. Designed to complement the Kanban Maturity Model (KMM) class, this course offers a structured approach to introducing and implementing change within enterprise-scale organizations. Gain insights into evolutionary change practices and social psychology, equipping you with the tools needed to drive incremental change and provide actionable guidance.

    This course is designed to empower you with advanced methodologies for driving organizational change using the Kanban Method's evolutionary change approach. Building upon your foundational knowledge of the Kanban Maturity Model and Evolutionary Change Canvas, this course immerses you in the intricacies of change management and sociological concepts, equipping you with the tools and strategies needed to navigate resistance and foster cultural evolution within your organization.



    • Practice overcoming common change plateaus and avoid pitfalls associated with organizational change initiatives.
    • Learn and implement six escalating steps to enhance motivation for change within your organization.
    • Identify and prepare evolutionary change experiments to address sociological factors impacting organizational maturity.
    • Reflect normative and structural changes within your organization, maximizing the likelihood of successful evolutionary change.
    • Utilize the Evolutionary Change Model alongside the KMM to drive incremental change.
    • Gain insights into the psychology and sociology of change, as well as strategies for managing resistance.
    • Harness the Kanban Maturity Model as a tool for driving change and improvement.
    • Develop the skills to approach leaders with pragmatic, actionable guidance.


    What Will You Do Differently Next Monday?

    From Part 1, Kanban Maturity Model:

    • Recognize and anticipate common failure modes encountered during change initiatives, enabling you to proactively address potential challenges and pivot strategies as needed.
    • Utilize the Kanban Maturity Model with confidence to design and steer evolutionary change within your organization, ensuring alignment with strategic goals and cultural values.
    • Assess your organization's current maturity level effectively, allowing you to pinpoint areas for improvement and develop targeted strategies to drive progress.
    • Employ tailored strategies to overcome resistance to change and harness the power of influencers within your organization, facilitating smoother adoption of new practices and initiatives.
    • Use the KMM appraisal tool, enabling objective assessment of organizational maturity and guiding transition strategies.


    From Part 2, Kanban Coaching:

    • Apply psychology and sociology principles to navigate change management challenges effectively.
    • Implement motivational techniques to drive successful change initiatives.
    • Utilize the Kanban Maturity Model as a roadmap for guiding change and improvement efforts.
    • Approach leaders with confidence, armed with pragmatic guidance tailored to your organization's needs.
    • Utilize advanced coaching techniques to refine your Evolutionary Change Canvas, enabling you to effectively address resistance and navigate cultural nuances within your organization.
    • Implement strategies for overcoming change plateaus and avoiding common pitfalls in organizational change initiatives, fostering a smoother transition towards organizational maturity.
    • Apply the six escalating steps to enhance motivation for change within your organization, driving momentum towards successful evolutionary change.



    Week 1: Kanban Maturity Model

    • Monday-Friday students connect via Zoom at designated times. (3 hours each)

    Week 2: Kanban Coaching

    • Monday-Thursday students connect via Zoom at designated times. (3 hours each)
    • To take the Kanban Maturity Model & Kanban Coaching courses at different times, please contact our team at

    Online Course Materials: In addition to live online training sessions, participants will have access to online, self-paced learning materials via our dedicated learning portal. These resources include course videos and reading assignments, offering flexibility in learning and review.


    Note: Participants should allocate time for self-paced learning when planning for the course.

  • Course Includes

    Live, online sessions with an AKT
    Hands-on group exercises & simulations
    Free access to KMM Plus
    Kanban University, Certified Training
    Access to online learning portal and course videos
    Affordable Pricing Policy by Country

  • Prerequisites

    It is highly recommended to previously complete Kanban Management Professional courses before joining this course bundle. This will allow you to get the most out of the course materials and information.

    Note: Participants should allocate time for self-paced learning when planning for the course.

  • Certification

    Kanban Coaching Professional Badge

    Upon successful completion of the course bundle, participants will receive certification from Kanban University for both the Kanban Maturity Model and Kanban Coaching courses.

    To receive certificates, participants must attend and actively engage in all sessions. This includes completing all hands-on exercises, simulations, and group discussions.

    Students completing both the Kanban Maturity Model and this class and who are also Kanban Management Professionals (KMP) are eligible to take the Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) credential exam.

    About the Credential:

    The Kanban Coaching Professional is an internationally recognized, advanced-level credential. Successfully passing the KCP exam demonstrates not only full and comprehensive mastery of the Kanban Maturity Model and Kanban Coaching curriculum but also the possession of skills to lead and evolve an organization to higher levels of maturity.

    The public will be able to clearly recognize a KCP as an expert in their field and trust that they hold a specific set of effective coaching tools that lead to better business outcomes.

    About the Exam:

    KCP credential candidates must successfully pass the Kanban Coaching Professional exam with a 75% score and pay a one-time $250 USD (PPP adjusted where applicable) Credential activation fee. For more information about the KCP Exam, please message KCP@Kanban.University.


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