Kanban Product Professional I

KPP I focuses on ¨what & how", the selection and definition of the most valuable product features and requirements.


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24 October

3 days, 24 Oct - 26 Oct
2:00pm CEST - 6:00pm CEST
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30 January

3 days, 30 Jan - 01 Feb
2:00pm CET - 6:00pm CET
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  • Description

    This class teaches the underlying models to provide a means to make sense of markets and define products that are optimized for the complex fitness landscapes created by modern consumers.


    Kanban Product Professional

    A Kanban Product Professional is an expert in managing upstream, discovery, and innovation activities leveraging the power of the Kanban Method, Enterprise Services Planning, and the Fit-for-Purpose Framework to manage risk, select the most valuable work, and schedule it at the optimal time. Kanban Product Professionals maximize the flow of value by feeding delivery Kanban systems with the best possible mix of work. They enable improved customer satisfaction and better economic outcomes by segmenting markets by customer purpose, building empathy, and optimizing features and functionality to manage the complex fitness landscape of their market and product domain. 


    Kanban Product Professional Outcomes

    Learn to:

    •  Assess business value. Business value isn´t a number, rather it involves understanding the complex fitness landscape of markets and customer purposes
    • Create clearer more relevant requirements. Define clearer, more valuable, fine-grained product requirements using a combination of the Fit for Purpose Framework and Business Domain Modeling 
    • Have better Economic Outcomes. Make better triage decisions, using risk management and real options theory, control investment, the spread of risk, scheduling of work, cost of delay, opportunity cost, and the likelihood of payoff

  • Objectives

    KPP I Course Objectives:

    This class teaches the underlying models to provide a means to make sense of markets and define products that are optimized for the complex fitness landscapes created by modern consumers. 

    • Students will learn to segment markets by customer purpose, and to create personas based on an imaginary consumer in each segment. 


    • Using the Fit-for-Purpose Framework, learn the concept of a whole product with design, implementation and customer experience or service delivery. Define fitness criteria in terms of functional and non-functional requirements to meet each of the three whole product dimensions.  


    • Using business domain modelling and the product feature template, students will explore product requirements and learn to categorize them and map them to market segments as differentiating, neutralizing, cost reducing, or table stakes or regulatory in nature. The six commonly recurring fitness criteria of time, quality, safety & compliance, convenience, optionality, and affordability, act to explore requirements and discover hidden value. 


    • Students will learn to analyze customer experience using the humans & narrative approach and the Fitness Box Score survey and data approach from the Fit for Purpose Framework. Define product strategy using the Fitness Target Matrix and focus investment and experimentation where it is most valued. 

  • Prerequisites

    No prior course work is necessary. Previously taking Kanban for Design and Innovation is strongly recommended and will enhance understanding during KPP courses.

  • Certification

    Kanban Product Professional

    • Attendees will receive a certificate of completion from Kanban University.
    •  Participants in both KPP courses will earn the Kanban Product Professional credential from Kanban University.
    The Kanban Product Professional credential consists of two classes in advanced product management and service design. It is intended for anyone with a professional interest in feature selection, scheduling, sequencing, and prioritization for new products, services, and portfolios of projects.

  • Who Should Attend

    Who should attend?

    • Product owners
    • Product managers
    • Anyone who oversees strategic decisions regarding products, improvement, and customer segments

    Anyone with a professional interest in:

    • Feature selection
    • Scheduling
    • Sequencing and prioritization for new product, services, and portfolios of projects


  • Course Includes

    16 Hrs Live training
    Interactive group sessions with peers
    In-depth Self Study Exercises
    Kanban University, KPP Certified Training
    Access to Online Learning Portal
    Affordable Pricing Policy by Country