Kanban Leadership Professional Bundle

This course bundle includes both KLP I and KLP II training courses. The courses can be taken consecutively or on different dates upon request.


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5 August

5 days, 05 Aug - 09 Aug
9:00am CEST - 1:00pm CEST
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  • Description

    Kanban Leadership Professional Bundle

    Kanban Leadership Professional I + Kanban Leadership Professional II


    About the Bundle

    The Kanban Leadership Professional Bundle is an advanced training program designed to develop high-level leadership skills in the context of business agility and organizational maturity. This bundle includes two complementary courses: "Kanban Leadership Professional I" and "Kanban Leadership Professional II." Together, these courses provide a comprehensive approach to understanding and enhancing leadership maturity, driving evolutionary change, and implementing effective feedback mechanisms within an organization.


    Is This Bundle Right for Me?

    Operational Managers and Leaders:

    • Responsible for guiding their teams through organizational transformations.
    • Seeking to enhance their leadership skills to drive business agility and resilience.

    Strategic Decision-Makers:

    • Focused on aligning leadership actions with organizational goals and market demands.
    • Interested in integrating advanced leadership models with practical decision-making frameworks.

    Professionals in Leadership and Organizational Development:

    • Aiming to develop a deep understanding of leadership maturity and its impact on organizational performance.
    • Keen on mastering the use of Kanban Method, feedback loops, and cultural hacking for effective leadership.

    Anyone Looking to Achieve Certification:

    • Aspiring to earn the Kanban Leadership Professional (KLP) credential from Kanban University.
    • Seeking recognition as an expert in leadership and organizational development with the ability to drive superior business outcomes.

    Part 1: Kanban Leadership Professional I (KLP I)


    The "Kanban Leadership Professional I" course provides an in-depth exploration of the seven levels of leadership maturity and associated character traits. Participants will learn different leadership styles and the appropriate contexts for each. The course emphasizes the importance of empathy and understanding human behavior, leveraging theories from various disciplines to enhance leadership effectiveness.



    • Understand the seven levels of leadership maturity and their character traits.
    • Learn various leadership styles and appropriate contexts for each.
    • Develop empathy and a deep understanding of human behavior.
    • Analyze group behavior and apply organizational culture models.
    • Integrate leadership actions with complexity science and the Cynefin Framework.
    • Use the leadership maturity model for assessing and developing leadership capabilities.


    Part 2: Kanban Leadership Professional II (KLP II)


    The "Kanban Leadership Professional II" course builds on the foundational knowledge from KLP I, focusing on advanced concepts such as the organizational maturity model, evolutionary change model, and active feedback mechanisms. Participants will learn to drive change using the Fit-for-Purpose Framework, integrate OKRs, and hack organizational culture to build trust and social cohesion. The course also reviews leadership frameworks by W. Edwards Deming, Jeff Bezos, and Netflix Culture.



    • Understand the organizational maturity model and its application.
    • Learn to design and implement effective feedback mechanisms.
    • Utilize the Evolutionary Change Model for driving change.
    • Integrate Fit-for-Purpose metrics with OKRs for impactful results.
    • Hack organizational culture to build trust and social cohesion.
    • Gain insights from leadership frameworks by W. Edwards Deming, Jeff Bezos, and Netflix.


    What Will You Do Differently Next Monday?


    From KLP I:

    • Apply the appropriate leadership style for various situations.
    • Interpret and respond to human behavior with greater empathy.
    • Influence group dynamics and drive cultural change effectively.
    • Implement strategies to enhance both leadership and organizational maturity.
    • Leverage purpose and social cohesion to drive change.


    From KLP II:

    • Make informed decisions and take actions in the context of your organizational maturity.
    • Implement feedback mechanisms that drive continuous improvement.
    • Drive evolutionary change using appropriate metrics and OKRs.
    • Enhance your organization’s culture with explicit values and decision filters.
    • Build trust and social cohesion within your team.
    • Apply modern interpretations of Deming's 14 Points, Bezos' leadership principles, and insights from Netflix’s culture to your leadership approach.



    Monday: KLP1 (4 hours)

    Tuesday: KLP1 (4 hours)

    Wednesday: KLP2 (4 hours)

    Thursday: KLP 2 (4 hours)

    Friday: KLP 2 (4 hours)


    Note: Participants should allocate time for self-paced learning when planning for the course.

  • Course Includes

    Training with David Anderson
    Interactive group sessions with peers
    In-depth Self Study Exercises
    Kanban University, KLP Certified Training
    Access to Online Learning Portal
    Affordable Pricing Policy by Country

  • Certification

    Upon successful completion of the course bundle, participants will receive certification from Kanban University for the Kanban Leadership Professional I and Kanban Leadership Professional II courses.

    To receive certificates, participants must attend and actively engage in all sessions. This includes completing all hands-on exercises, simulations, and group discussions.

    Participants who complete both the Kanban Leadership Professional I and Kanban Leadership Professional II courses will earn the Kanban Leadership Professional (KLP) credential from Kanban University.


    About the Credential:

    The Kanban Leadership Professional (KLP) credential consists of two advanced courses focused on operational management and leadership within the context of business agility transformation. This credential is tailored for professionals holding leadership positions in organizations striving to enhance their agility and responsiveness in a rapidly changing business environment.


    Participants who complete both KLP courses will earn the Kanban Leadership Professional credential from Kanban University. This certification is internationally recognized, signifying mastery in applying the Kanban Method to leadership and management practices. It indicates that the holder has the expertise to lead teams and organizations through complex changes, optimize workflows, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.


    Holders of the KLP credential are recognized as experts in Kanban leadership, equipped with advanced tools and methodologies to drive effective change and improve organizational performance. Ultimately, this leads to enhanced business agility, greater team cohesion, and improved business outcomes.

  • Prerequisites

    No prior course work is necessary. The Enterprise Scale Kanban course is encouraged.

    Note: Participants should allocate time for self-paced learning when planning for the course.

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