Fit For Purpose

This online course will be spread out over a total of four days. The course will combine live, interactive sessions at the times listed as well as a component of self-paced learning. For learning at home, students will have access to hours of daily videos, reading material, and activities. The Fit-For-Purpose course has been developed from the recent book Fit For Purpose – how modern businesses find, satisfy & keep customers by David J Anderson & Alexei Zheglov.

  • Description

    This class presents a significant part of the strategic planning, marketing, market research, product management, and service design from the suite of classes offered in Enterprise Service Planning. This class will offer you significant new insights into how to optimize the effectiveness of your business, to produce fit-for-purpose products and services that delight your customers, making them loyal to your brand and increasing your share, revenues and margins.

    This class is ideal for executives and decision-makers who set strategy and choose the portfolio of products and services offered. It is appropriate for anyone performing the following functions: strategic planning; strategic marketing; market research; product management; product design; service design; product ownership; and portfolio management.

    This class is also useful for anyone who wants to understand how to set metrics in order to drive appropriate, congruent, aligned behavior in an organization and for those who wish to drive product and service improvement.


    Learn how to:

    o   Know why your customers select you and your products and/or services

    o   Know whether a change to a product or service will represent an improvement

    o   Select new features, functions, and classes of service

    o   Manage your portfolio of products and services and the market segments you serve

    o   Find, select, and grow market segments

    o   Identify segments that you don’t serve well and should be switched off


    Included in the online version:

    • Live sessions at listed times. Live sessions include:
    • Group breakout activities- Collaborate with fellow peers from around the world and from a variety of industries. Apply the new knowledge you have learned!
    • Q&A sessions- Ask David or other trusted Kanban trainers your questions about the material
    • Support and guidance- Live sessions make sure students are getting the most out of the student material and are used to guide students through complex themes
    • Hours of top-quality training videos of David Anderson
    • Downloadable reading materials and resources


  • Course Includes

    8 Hrs Live training with David J Anderson
    5 Hrs of high-quality training videos
    Interactive group sessions with your peers
    Kanban University, CXP Certified Training
    Access to our online learning portal
    Affordable Pricing Policy by Country

  • Prerequisites

    There are no specific prerequisites for this class. It is recommended that attendees have a business background or a role in marketing, strategic planning or portfolio management. A business degree or formal qualification in business is not necessary but attendees with such a background may find the contrasts with familiar material to be either interest or challenging. Prior knowledge or experience with Net Promoter Score, Jobs to be Done, Balanced Scorecard, OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) or Goal-Directed Design may also enhance the learning experience but is certainly not required.


  • Objectives

    • Understand that all products or services have design, implementation and service delivery elements
    • Learn how to identify and describe the design, implementation and service delivery elements
    • Understand how to recognize and define or describe a customer purpose
    • Learn how to segment your market based on customer purpose and that individual customers can occupy multiple segments based on their context and specific purpose given their circumstances
    • Understand the two ways of learning your customers’ purposes: customer narrative relayed from frontline staff – “flying visually”; and using the F4P Card market research tool – “flying on instruments”
    • Understand the 4 types of metrics: Fitness Criteria (used to select your product or service in the market); general health indicators; improvement drivers and vanity metrics
    • Understand that only fitness criteria are key performance indicators (KPIs)
    • Learn how to correctly classify metrics
    • Understand how to set objectives for each type of metric: fitness criteria have thresholds of acceptable performance and over serving; general health indicators have a range; improvement drivers have a target; while vanity metrics have an emotional need that may need addressed culturally and organizationally
    • Understand the 4 commonly recurring types of fitness criteria: Lead Time; Quality; Safety & Conformance; and Affordability
    • Recognize the 3 aspects of lead time (or time-to-market) as timeliness, predictability and duration, and learn how to describe them and when and how to recognize which is applicable
    • Understand the difference between functional and non-function requirements
    • Learn how to describe and specify requirements in a measurable fashion
    • Learn that price and affordability can be both an absolute independent variable, and a relative non-independent variable that changes with quality and lead time depending on the risks and purpose a customer has when consuming your product or service
    • Learn how to construct customer questionnaires to solicit customer purpose and fitness criteria and levels of satisfaction
    • Learn how to report F4P Card surveys using the Fitness Box Score method
    • Learn why a “Net Fitness Score” is not a desirable concept and should be avoided
    • Learn how to analyze survey results and understand whether individual segments are underserved, appropriately served and “fit”, or over served
    • Learn how to classify segments into desirable and undesirable and how to take actions to improve or switch off segments that are underserved
    • Learn and understand how segments can overlap and affect each other and how to avoid taking action for one segment that might damage adoption, sales or revenue in another segment
    • Understand how Fit for Purpose integrates together with Net Promoter Score, Jobs To Be Done, Balanced Scorecard, OKRs,  Goal-Directed Design/Personas

  • Certification

    By taking the Fit-for-Purpose training you also receive a copy of the Fit-for-Purpose book and you gain the Customer Experience Professional (CPX) credential from Kanban University.

    CXP Badge Kanban University

    Certifying as a CXP with Kanban University (Customer Experience Professional) you will know how to use the Fit-for-Purpose Framework to drive strategic marketing, segmenting a market by customer purpose.

    How to drive evolutionary improvement in products and services by aligning metrics to criteria customers use to select products and services and decide whether or not they are happy with them. CXPs know how to use the F4P Card customer experience survey method, and how to interpret Fitness Box Scores with actionable advice and guidance on marketing focus and product improvements.