Individual Kanban for Enterprise

Leveraging Kanban for effective remote working. Learn the basics, motivation, and benefits of the Kanban Method & the Organizational Maturity Model. Create an Individual Kanban board and tune it to the organizational maturity of your work environment and define your contribution as a ¨Service of One¨within your organization or enterprise. This course has been developed for those who are remote working.


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  • Description

    Each of us plays our part in providing customer-facing services.

    This class will teach you how to create and leverage an individual Kanban board to better manage your work and integrate into the wider service delivery workflows of your enterprise.


    The course includes an introduction to the Kanban Method and the Organizational Maturity Model, and is aimed at those remote working within an enterprise or organization and need to better manage their "service of one."


    Participants will learn about the Kanban method as well as how to create an individual Kanban board. Through three half-days of online learning, students will participate in live lectures, discussions, and activities including a simulation of Kanban practices.

  • Objectives

    At the end of the course participants will be able to:

    • Explain the basics, motivation, and benefits of the Kanban Method & the Organizational Maturity Model
    • Create an individual Kanban board and tune it to the organizational maturity of their work environment
    • Define their contribution as a “Service of One”

  • Course Contents

    Course Content:

    A Context for Individual Kanban
    Why to pursue the use of an Individual Kanban – Purpose & Benefits

    Kanban Practices
    Experience the Kanban Practices in a simulation

    Implementing Individual Kanban
    Patterns of Individual Kanban

    Home Alone
    The Simplest Individual Kanban

    Part of a Team
    Individual WIP Limits

    Part of a Workflow
    Defining an internal service

    Fit for Purpose Service Delivery
    A Service of One

    Risk Hedged
    Everything in Balance

    Balancing Demand with Capability to Deliver

    Capacity Allocation & Risk Categories
    Achieving balance across competing demands

    Your Service in an Interdependent Enterprise Network
    Individual Kanban in the Enterprise

    The Kanban Method
    Reviewing the definitions of the method building on the experiences made so far.

    What’s Beyond
    The benefits of applying Kanban in a team and further outcomes when taking the journey further.

  • Course Includes

    online kanban training Live training with top trainers
    group training online Interactive group sessions with your peers
    online learning portal Self-study exercises and online portal access
    self study Access to our online learning portal
    kanban simulation online Tailored Kanban practices simulation game © 2020 Kanban University
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