KMP Bundle Plus

Includes Kanban Systems Design, Kanban for Design and Innovation, and Kanban System Improvement courses and materials.

  • Description

    The KMP Bundle plus is for those who wish to have a complete understanding of Kanban systems and the process of beginning a Kanban initiative. The bundle includes courses and materials from our three foundation courses. 

    Kanban System Design- This 4-day course serves as an introduction to Kanban, Kanban principles, Kanban practices, and the STATIK method to give attendees the tools and knowledge needed to successfully design a Kanban system. 

    Kanban for Design and Innovation- This 4-day course takes a look at the upstream, or the discovery Kanban. This upstream process can be used to manage and shape the demand, generate and discard ideas, and scale Kanban across an enterprise. The course also gives an introduction to cost of delay, how to use Triage Tables, as well as the concept of evolutionary change.

    Kanban Systems Improvement- The 1-day Kanban Systems Improvement workshop will round off the bundle allowing attendees to explore the remaining KMP material regarding Kanban values, Kanban cadences, and developing a service orientation.

  • Course Includes

    Live training with an AKT
    Interactive group sessions with your peers
    In-depth Self Study Exercises
    Kanban University, Certified Training
    Access to Online Learning Portal
    Affordable Pricing Policy by Country

  • Certification

    Kanban University® Credential

    Participants will receive a KU Certified Kanban Training Certificate of Completion of attendance for all three courses.

    Kanban University KMP Credential, Kanban Management Professional

    Participants of this bundle will also receive the Kanban University “Kanban Management Professional” credential.

  • Course Contents

    Week 1:

    • 4 days of KSD training 

    Week 2: 

    • 4 days of KDI training (Monday to Thursday)
    • 1-day KSI workshop (Friday)