Kanban Leadership Professional I

This class teaches the underlying models to provide a means to make sense of leadership and provide a framework for leadership development.

Kanban Leadership Professional II

Our brand essence is pragmatic, actionable, evidence-based guidance, and every student will leave KLP training with a new view on the world and a new understanding of what actions they can take, and how these actions might influence and affect the world around them.

Kanban Management Professional Bundle

This course bundle includes both Kanban System Design and Kanban for Design and Innovation courses. The courses can be taken at separate dates upon request.

Kanban Management Professional Bundle Plus

This bundle option includes the Kanban Management Professional courses plus additional delivery Kanban course material.

Kanban Maturity Model

Take the Kanban Maturity Model training to evolve organizational maturity and successfully deliver business agility, faster, and at less cost.

Kanban Product Professional Bundle

This course bundle includes both Kanban Product Professional I and Kanban Product Professional II. Courses can be taken consecutively or on separate dates by request.

Kanban Product Professional I

KPP I focuses on ¨what & how", the selection and definition of the most valuable product features and requirements.

Kanban Product Professional II

KPP II focuses on ¨when & in which sequence¨, the scheduling, and sequencing problem to optimize economic outcomes and risk. Having learned how to select the most valuable product features and functions in KPP I, this class teaches the aspiring Kanban Product Professional how to understand the best timing and sequencing in order to maximize value delivery.

Kanban Systems Improvement (KMP II)

The KMP II: Kanban Management Professional class focuses on the rollout and daily operation of a Kanban system. You will consider what type of Kanban initiative is most appropriate for your organization and how to manage and evolve it over time without trauma. Learn how to improve agility with asymmetrical commitment and cadences. The class also covers recommended meetings, handling metrics, and setting policy.

KMM and KCP Bundle

Save when you purchase both the Kanban Maturity Model and Kanban Coaching Practices online training courses. Our new package offer includes both courses at a discounted price.