Enterprise Services Planning (Expert Track)

Master the ESP framework and become an ESPP with the expert track.

Enterprise Services Planning (Product Manager Track)

Gain additional practical tools and guidance with the product manager track.

Fit For Purpose

This online course will be spread out over a total of four days. The course will combine live, interactive sessions at the times listed as well as a component of self-paced learning. For learning at home, students will have access to hours of daily videos, reading material, and activities. The Fit-For-Purpose course has been developed from the recent book Fit For Purpose – how modern businesses find, satisfy & keep customers by David J Anderson & Alexei Zheglov.

In-Person KMP Bundle (Kanban System Design and Kanban for Design and Innovation)

Join us in Bilbao, Spain for a special in-person session of the Kanban System Design and Kaban for Design and Innovation courses

Individual Kanban for Enterprise

Leveraging Kanban for effective remote working. Learn the basics, motivation, and benefits of the Kanban Method & the Organizational Maturity Model. Create an Individual Kanban board and tune it to the organizational maturity of your work environment and define your contribution as a ¨Service of One¨within your organization or enterprise. This course has been developed for those who are remote working.

Introduction to the Kanban Method

Get to know the Kanban Method with this introduction to Kanban practices, principles, and benefits.

Kanban Coaching

Approach leaders with relevant, pragmatic guidance. Coach resilience, agility, and reinvention.

Kanban Coaching Practices (In-Person)

Approach leaders with relevant, pragmatic guidance. Coach resilience, agility, and reinvention.

Kanban for Design and Innovation

This class is intended to extend the skills of those who have already taken the Kanban System Design class and want to obtain the Kanban Management Professional (KMP) credential. Together with the KSD it provides extensive coverage of current Kanban management techniques.

Kanban for Lawyers

A training course that will provide you with useful tools to manage your team work in an agile way to address the difficult challenges we face in the legal sector.