Enterprise Services Planning Tools (KPPII)

KPP II focuses on ¨when & in which sequence¨, the scheduling, and sequencing problem to optimize economic outcomes and risk.


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11 September

3 days, 11 Sep - 13 Sep
9:00am CEST - 1:00pm CEST
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  • Description

    Enterprise Service Planning Tools (KPP2)


    The "Enterprise Services Planning Tools" course is designed to teach professionals how to optimize value delivery through effective scheduling, sequencing, and risk management. Building on the principles of the Kanban Method and Enterprise Services Planning, participants will learn to manage large backlogs, prioritize work, and handle dependencies efficiently. This course provides the tools and techniques needed to enhance economic outcomes and streamline service delivery in complex environments.



    • Learn to filter and prioritize large backlogs using risk assessment frameworks and triage thresholds.
    • Sequence work by risk profile to balance or minimize risk across portfolios.
    • Manage dependencies efficiently by understanding the cost of delay and utilizing dynamic reservation systems.
    • Recognize and apply appropriate methods for extremistan and mediocristan domains.
    • Use Triage Tables to determine the optimal timing and urgency for starting tasks.



    Is This Course Right for Me?

    This course is ideal for:

    • Product owners and managers seeking to improve their scheduling and sequencing strategies.
    • Professionals responsible for managing large backlogs and ensuring efficient workflow.
    • Strategic decision-makers involved in prioritizing and sequencing work for new products, services, and portfolios.
    • Anyone interested in advanced techniques for risk management and value optimization in product development.



    What Will You Do Differently Next Monday?

    • Prioritize Backlogs Efficiently: Apply risk assessment frameworks and triage techniques to filter and prioritize your backlog, ensuring focus on the most critical tasks.
    • Optimize Work Sequencing: Use risk profiles to sequence your work more effectively, balancing risk and maximizing value delivery across your portfolio.
    • Manage Dependencies: Implement strategies to manage dependencies by understanding the cost of delay, reducing unnecessary burdens and wasted analysis.
    • Adapt to Market Domains: Recognize whether your market operates in extremistan or mediocristan domains and apply the appropriate methods for each, enhancing your product management strategy.
    • Use Triage Tables: Utilize Triage Tables to make informed decisions about when to start tasks and how urgently they should be addressed, optimizing your workflow and resource allocation.



    Prior to this course, the course Creating Fit for Purpose Products (KPP1) begins. If interested in joining both courses, check out the course bundle. 

    Monday: KPP1 (4 hours)

    Tuesday: KPP1 (4 hours)

    Wednesday: KPP1 Wrap -up (2 hours)

    KPP2 Begins (2 hours) (Please note that Wednesday's class will have a later start time)

    Thursday: KPP 2 (4 hours)

    Friday: KPP 2 (4 hours)


    Note: Participants should allocate time for self-paced learning when planning for the course.

  • Certification

    Kanban Product Professional


    Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive certification from Kanban University for the Kanban Product Professional II: Enterprise Services Planning Tools course.

    To receive certificates, participants must attend and actively engage in all sessions. This includes completing all hands-on exercises, simulations, and group discussions.

    Participants who complete both the "Creating Fit for Purpose Products" and "Enterprise Service Planning Tools" courses will earn the Kanban Product Professional (KPP) credential from Kanban University.

    About the Credential:

    The Kanban Product Professional credential consists of two advanced classes in product management and service design. It is intended for professionals with a keen interest in feature selection, scheduling, sequencing, and prioritization for new products, services, and portfolios of projects.

    The Kanban Product Professional credential is an internationally recognized certification that demonstrates mastery of advanced product management techniques using the Kanban Method. Earning this credential signifies that the holder possesses the skills and knowledge necessary to optimize product and service delivery, manage complex market demands, and drive better economic outcomes.

    Holders of the KPP credential are recognized as experts in their field, equipped with the tools and methodologies needed to enhance product and service offerings, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and business success.

  • Prerequisites

    •  The course Kanban Product Professional (Creating Fit for Purpose Products) I is required.
    • Kanban for Design and Innovation is strongly recommended.

    Note: Participants should allocate time for self-paced learning when planning for the course.

  • Course Includes

    10 Hrs Live training
    Interactive group sessions with peers
    In-depth Self Study Exercises
    Kanban University, KPP Certified Training
    Access to Online Learning Portal
    Affordable Pricing Policy by Country

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