Kanban for Lawyers

A training course that will provide you with useful tools to manage your team work in an agile way to address the difficult challenges we face in the legal sector.

Kanban for Project Management: Visualizing Projects

Part 1 of the Kanban project management workshops

Kanban Leadership Professional Bundle

This course bundle includes both KLP I and KLP II training courses. The courses can be taken consecutively or on different dates upon request.

Kanban Leadership Professional I

This class teaches the underlying models to provide a means to make sense of leadership and provide a framework for leadership development.

Kanban Leadership Professional II

Advanced tools and methodologies to drive organizational maturity, resilience, and business agility.

Kanban Management Professional Bundle

Kanban System Design + Kanban for Design and Innovation (Upstream) OR Kanban Systems Improvement (Downstream)

Kanban Management Professional Bundle Plus

Kanban System Design + Kanban for Design and Innovation (Upstream) + Kanban Systems Improvement (Downstream)

Kanban Maturity Model

Evolve and Manage Your Transformation

Kanban Maturity Model (In-Person)

Take the Kanban Maturity Model training to evolve organizational maturity and successfully deliver business agility, faster, and at less cost.