KMM/KCP Bundle Plus

This bundle offer includes both the Kanban Maturity Model and the Kanban Coaching Practices training courses as well as one hour of one-to-one mentoring with your trainer.

KMP Bundle Plus

Includes Kanban Systems Design, Kanban for Design and Innovation, and Kanban System Improvement courses and materials.

KMP Class Bundle

This course bundle option is for those who wish to complement their Kanban for Design and Innovation training with the additional coursework necessary to complete the Kanban Management Professional credential requirements. Both the Kanban System Design and Kanban for Design and Innovation training are included with this option.

Leading through a crisis: Business Agility & Resilience

Learn directly from David J Anderson how to lead and create purpose within an organization during a time of crisis. Gain the next-level management skills needed in order to lead an organization to greater business agility and resilience.