Introduction to the Kanban Method

Get to know the Kanban Method with this introduction to Kanban practices, principles, and benefits.



Complete online at your own pace (Self-paced)

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  • Description

    Self-Paced Learning

    Explore this course at your own pace! Gain an introduction to the Kanban Method through videos, quizzes, and games. Gain 6 months of access to the online course to study at the time that is most convenient for you. After viewing all lessons, put your knowledge to the test with the final exam. 


    An Introduction to the Kanban Method

    This course explores introductory topics such as:

    • What is Kanban?
    • What are the Kanban practices and principles?
    • What metrics can you use and how do you use them?
    • How can you better visualize work?
    • How do you improve collaboratively and evolve experimentally?

    The course utilizes video lectures by top Kanban expert Anna Radzikowska. Participants also receive a free PDF copy of the book Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business by David Anderson. 


    This course is for you if...

    • You are looking to get started with Kanban but don't know where to begin
    • You are looking for a way to get more consistent outcomes to keep your promises to clients and teams
    • You want to create a better work environment that protects from overburdening
    • You want to understand customers and their needs, expectations, and the risks they manage.


    What is Kanban?

    Kanban is a method that allows you to manage knowledge work. It uses principles and practices that guide you in managing and improving work with the help of Kanban boards that allow you to visualize your work and its flow and Kanban Systems that control the work in progress to ensure work flows smoothly. This course will go over practices such as visualization and will give you pragmatic, actionable, evidence-based guidance that you can start using right away. 


    Did you know...

    • With Kanban, an advanced understanding of workflow is developed. By using the metrics, Kanban helps you to know things such as how long a particular work item will take to be completed. This allows for better and quicker decision-making on when to start work on a particular item and how to delight customers!
    • Vanguard found that Kanban has a richer, simpler, and more effective set of metrics and forecasting tools. System lead time improved by 78 percent in approximately ninety days!
    • Increasing visibility and collaboration also creates happy employees! 
      • In one year the team using Kanban at Net-A-Porter saw happiness go up. They were:
        • 6% happier with their jobs 
        • 8% happier with the stuff they were working on
        • 12% happier with each other
    • 76% of respondents of the 2021 State of Kanban report reported that Kanban was "More Effective" or "Much More Effective" than other methods/frameworks that they have used.
    • Kanban offers a better solution for decreasing lead time without increasing costs. With the "start where you are now" approach, there is no need to spend on large reorganizations, new tools, or reserve spaces for large planning meetings.
      • Blizzard Sport, an Austrian ski manufacturer, was able to cut lead time in half for the price of a flipchart, a few wall pinboards, and a stack of post-it notes!
    • Kanban also enables teams to solve problems quickly. By focusing on visualization and managing work, not people teams are able to have productive meetings in less time.
    • Kanban can be scaled easily across an enterprise. It offers an easier solution to managing dependencies and shaping demand.
      • Based on the 2021 State of Kanban report, 41% of organizations who use Kanban apply Kanban across 10+ teams or to the whole company. On top of that, more than 85% of respondents indicated that their organizations intend to expand their adoption within the next 12 months.


  • Certification


    Participants will receive the Introduction to the Kanban Method certificate from the David J Anderson School of Management if they:

    1. Complete the course 
    2. Receive a passing grade on the final exam

    Participants will have access to course material for 6 months. The final exam consists of 50 questions and 2 attempts are allowed. 

  • Course Includes

    Fully interactive self-paced learning
    Video lectures by Anna Radzikowska
    Access to online forum
    David J Anderson School of Management Certified Training
    6 months access to course and exam
    Includes final exam and free digital copy of the book

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