Kanban for Lawyers

A training course that will provide you with useful tools to manage your team work in an agile way to address the difficult challenges we face in the legal sector.

  • Description

    Kanban Method for Lawyers

    Trainer: Lilian Mateu

    Despite the speed of social, economic, technological and regulatory changes over the last decades, lawyers and professionals in the legal sector are still anchored to the more traditional work and management styles.

    The globalisation of all industries, the appearance of disruptive technologies and the digitalisation of knowledge services are but a few of the new scenarios that lawyers and professionals in the legal sector are facing. The liberation of legal services has led to new players taking action, which has provoked an explosion of new business models that are creating a much more competitive market.

    The legal services industry is going through an accelerated and highly complex transformation from which there is no going back. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken everyone from the comfort of the office, bringing to light the real work we each do and bring to our teams and organisations, and has accelerated the need for a change.

    Incorporating organisational and business agility, which means changing the way we manage work and teams to achieve different outcomes, leading with new values to adapt to the new context and respond quickly to constant change, is the greatest challenge for the legal services industry in the coming years.

    Kanban Method for lawyers

    The Kanban Method is an alternative path for professional legal services to business agility. Applying the Kanban Method on teams and organisations on the legal sector offers us a new way to design, manage and improve services in the legal sector.

    Strengthens collaboration and teamwork naturally, creating a human approach to change management fostering leadership at all levels.

    The principal benefits that the applicability of the method offers us are:

    · Sustainability and balance and work

    · Effective collaboration between professional

    · Leadership at all levels

    · Provision of customer-oriented services

    · Continuous improvement in management

    · Business survival and strategy

    The Kanban Method is simple to understand but not so easy to apply. Obtaining its full benefits depends on the way it is implemented, along with the appropriate training and knowledge.

    Attending to this course, you will be able to access to a certified training on the basics of Kanban Method, adapted to the legal sector. After taking the course you will be capable to start implementing the Kanban Method “next Monday” applying first Kanban Practices in your day-to-day work.

    Who should attend?

    Lawyers and professionals of the legal sector who want to find a way to:

    · Perform the work in an orderly, balanced and efficiently manner without feeling overloaded.

    · Define criteria for prioritizing work, focusing on what to work on now, what to leave until later and what to discard altogether, ending with “everything is urgent”.

    · Foster better teamwork, collaboration, communication and trust.

    · Improve service delivery to “get things done” with quality, improved speed, and predictability,

    · Focus on customer satisfaction by providing high value services, flexible and in tune with their present needs and business goals.

    · Create agile organizations and resilient businesses that are capable of reinventing themselves.

    What will you learn?


    You will be introduced to the basic concepts of the Kanban method applied to the legal services and industry

    You will learn how to detect overloading of individuals and other causes of low efficiency in individual and work management.

    You will learn to increase productivity, individual and team satisfaction, speed and quality in work, and improving evolutionarily.

    You will learn to manage work visually using a kanban board, implementing work policies and conducting effective meetings.


    · Motivations and benefits to apply Kanban Method

    · Principles and values of the Kanban Method

    · What is a kanban system

    · How to design a kanban board and a ticket

    · How to manage service delivery workflow kanban

    · How to apply the practices of the Kanban Method

    · Overview of Kanban Method basic Meetings

    · Kanban key metrics and graphics

    · Introduction to the Kanban Maturity Model

    The practical implementation of the Kanban Method requires relatively little effort and not only improves legal services delivery but also manages change towards business agility.

    What will you get?

    · High quality interactive online training adapted to professionals in the legal sector and focused on the uniqueness and complexity of legal services.

    · Training materials in electronic format (pdf format)

    · Official certificate from the Kanban University.

    · Access to discounts for STATIK workshops (System Thinking Approach to Implement Kanban)

    · 2 free coaching sessions that will help you implement and adapt the Method in your team and organization.

    Dates and duration


    The course will be developed online in 4 work sessions of 3 hours. All sessions will be live and interactive.




    1) Monday 18 to Thursday 21 October, 2021.


    2) Tuesday 26 and Thursday 28 October, Tuesday 2 and Thursday 4 November 2021.




    3) Tuesday 16, Thursday 18, Tuesday 23 and Thursday 25 November, 2021.


    4) Monday 29 November to Thursday 2 December, 2021.



    We can facilitate private courses for your team or organization in your premises.


    Contact for more information here: https://selectius.com/en/kanban-for-lawyers-course-online/ E-mail: hola@selectius.com