Kanban for Project Management: Project Planning and Project Metrics

Part 2 of the Kanban Project Management Workshops

  • Description

    At A Glance:

    This workshop is for those playing the role of a project manager or supporting project managers in their work. It gives you the practices which can be used to enhance the planning methods and metrics currently used for project management in your organization.

    Do You Face These Challenges?

    • Being asked frequently: "When will it be done?" or "Will you finish on time?"
    • Missing deadlines which causes frustrated stakeholders
    • Quality of outputs is low
    • Constantly having to rework on items
    • Struggling to report on the health of a project

    Discover the Solution

    With this workshop, learn how to establish metrics to understand your project better and use data to quickly answer stakeholders' questions. This workshop covers the "planning recipe" with 5 crucial pieces of information to support more accurate and better planning. Learn how to identify and solve quality issues effectively.

    Add to Your Innovation Toolbox

    Master these tools and techniques to create a customer-centric organization and robust decision-making skills.

    • Project Management Metrics- Report on the health of a project
    • The Planning Recipe- Support more accurate and better planning

    What Will You Do Differently Next Monday?

    Due to the pragmatic nature of our guidance, we end every course and workshop asking participants to think about what changes they will implement when they are back in the office. Here are some sample takeaways from this workshop.

    You will leave confident in your ability to:

    • Start collecting and showing data that are important to understand and improve the work on projects
    • Answer questions such as "Will you do it on time?" with confidence
    • Use data for planning with accuracy
    • Identify quality issues and solve them

    About Our Workshops

    Our one-day Innovation Toolbox Workshop series allows you to connect online with top experts and accredited trainers to learn pragmatic, actionable, and evidence-based solutions to challenges many modern-day businesses are facing. Learn about the tools and techniques and practice applying them to real situations with the help of case studies and stories. Later, reflect on how you can implement these changes in your real-world situation. Get guidance on how to apply techniques to your organization and leave confident about the changes you will make when you get back to the office. 

  • Course Includes

    4 Hrs online with an accredited trainer
    Hands-on practice implementing tools
    Affordable Pricing Policy by Country