5 Free Resources to Learn More About Kanban


Looking to learn more about Kanban? Check out these 5 free resources to learn and explore more about the Kanban method- from beginner to advanced.

1. The Official Guide to the Kanban Method

This guide from Kanban University is for those looking to learn or review the basics of Kanban. The guide is packed with official definitions, explanations of concepts, and a helpful “Kan-Bahn” metaphor to make concepts sticks. Read more and download the guide on the Kanban University website.

2. Free Downloads from the School of Management

On our website, you can find a variety of free downloadable materials including posters, case studies, and book excerpts. All of the posters available are high-quality and ready to print. Display them in common areas to review or spark conversation. See Kanban in action with real-world case studies. Read excerpts from popular Kanban books with free PDFs. Head over to the free downloads section of our website to learn more.

3. KMM+ Free Accounts

Get started with the online platform KMM+ to learn more about the Kanban Maturity Model. With a free account, you can enjoy limited access to posters and book mapping as well as blog articles and free downloads. Check out kmm.plus to create your free account and start exploring today.

4. David J Anderson School of Management Webinars

Looking for free webinars about Kanban? Our webinar series covers an array of topics from beginner to advanced. Learn from top professionals and enjoy engaging question and answer sessions. Take a look at our webinars page to watch past webinar recordings and find registration for any upcoming presentations.

5. Mauvisoft Blog Page

Our friends at Mauvisoft, a software company dedicated to providing decision support tools, work hard to publish interesting, relevant articles about Kanban on their blog. Topics cover dependency management, lead time, triage tables, and more. The articles include exclusive interviews and take a new look at advanced topics. Read more in the blog.

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