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Kanban Maturity Model
Print Ready Posters

Download, print, and display 14 high resolution posters from the Kanban Maturity Model 2nd edition written by David J Anderson and Teodora Bozheva.

The high resolution graphics can be printed out full size (A0) and help explain the relevance and importance of the Kanban Maturity Model and organizational maturity for 21st century businesses.

The graphics are from the 2nd edition of the KMM book and can also be found explained in detail on the KMM Plus platform. This subscription-based platform is the home of the model that is continually updated and even already includes information from the 3rd edition of the Kanban Maturity Model.

Fit for Purpose Framework
Poster & Chapter

Download the A0 print-ready poster and book chapter from the forthcoming 3rd edition of the Fit for Purpose book, written by David J Anderson and Alexei Zheglov.

Understanding market segments defined by customer purpose and understanding your customers’ fitness criteria should be among your business’ core strategic capabilities to ensure organizational alignment and long-term survivability.

Tribal Leadership:
Lessons in Agile Management

This excerpt is taken from the book ‘Lessons in Agile Management’ and focuses on tribal leadership. The content from the book has been largely taken from David’s Agile Manager blog and has been described as the “the Missing Link in the Evolution of Kanban.” 

Anderson developed the Kanban Method over years spent managing and coaching Agile development teams, at companies such as Sprint, Motorola and Microsoft, by integrating Lean thinking with Agile principles and practices. This compendium of anecdotes and epiphanies tells a very personal story as he shares his journey on the road to Kanban – now a widely accepted and proven method for improving predictability while managing change and risk in organizations worldwide.

Vanguard Kanban Maturity Model Case Study

Download this case study to see how Vanguard increased productivity by 6 times and reduced delivery time by 78%.

Vanguard overcame typical transformation disappointments of inconsistent outcomes in spite of consistent processes by applying the Kanban Method to achieve true fitness-for-purpose: satisfying the criteria of success of their customer’s requests.

Vanguard’s management’s efforts deepened the organization’s maturity from level 2 to level 3 as defined in our Kanban Maturity Model. The case explains their path from ‘stalled Scrum’ to significant improvement in outcomes in the eyes of their customers.

Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Business

The Recipe for Success by David Anderson presents guidelines for a new manager adopting an existing team. Following the recipe enables quick improvement with low levels of team resistance. There is a direct influence from Donald Reinersten, who gave the first and last steps in the recipe, and indirect influence by Eli Goldratt whose writings on the Theory of Constraints and its Five Focusing Steps greatly influenced steps for and five. The six steps in the recipe are:
1.     Focus on Quality 
2.     Reduce Work-in-Progress
3.     Deliver Often
4.     Balance Demand Against Throughput
5.     Prioritize
6.     Attack Sources of Variability to Improve Predictability