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Our courses provide a diverse and comprehensive range of options for individuals and organizations looking to enhance their capabilities. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your journey, there’s a course tailored to meet your specific needs. Learn more about the courses and solutions we offer.

1. Scrum Better With Kanban: Elevate Your Scrum Game

For Those Facing:

  • Challenge: Difficulty in adapting Scrum methodologies to changing project requirements.
  • Solution: This course is tailored for individuals struggling to seamlessly integrate Scrum with evolving project demands. It addresses issues related to rigid Scrum processes by introducing proven Kanban practices, ensuring adaptability and improved project delivery.

2. Enterprise Scale Kanban: Implementing Kanban at Scale

For Those Facing:

  • Challenge: Implementing Kanban at an enterprise scale seems daunting, and current processes may lack the scalability required.
  • Solution: If you’re grappling with the intricacies of enterprise-scale Kanban implementation, this event provides an immersive experience. Engage with experts and peers to tackle challenges specific to large-scale projects, fostering transformative insights and strategies.

3. Project Management Workshops: Strengthen Your Skills with Kanban Techniques

For Those Facing:

  • Challenge: Project managers struggling with visibility and metrics, leading to project execution issues.
  • Solution: This workshop is designed for those seeking practical solutions to strengthen project management skills. By integrating Kanban techniques, participants gain insights into better visualization and metrics, ensuring smoother project execution and improved project outcomes.

4. Cursos Disponibles en Español: Aprendizaje en tu Idioma

For Those Facing:

  • Challenge: Language barriers preventing effective learning in English.
  • Solution: If English isn’t your preferred language and poses a barrier to learning, these courses in Spanish, including “Scrum Mejorado con Kanban,” offer a solution. They enable a more comfortable and efficient learning experience tailored to your language preference.

5. Enterprise Services Planning: Mastering Strategic Planning

For Those Facing:

  • Challenge: Difficulty in navigating the complexities of strategic planning in modern enterprise environments.
  • Solution: This course caters to individuals seeking mastery in advanced strategic and capacity planning. If you’re grappling with aligning services with organizational goals, this offering equips you with the skills needed for effective planning in complex enterprise landscapes.

6. Kanban Coaching Professional: Master the Maturity Model

For Those Facing:

  • Challenge: Leading teams through the stages of Kanban adoption, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Solution: If you’re in a coaching role and facing challenges in guiding organizations through the Kanban Maturity Model, this course is essential. It hones coaching skills and provides in-depth knowledge for successfully implementing Kanban practices across various organizational levels.

7. Kanban Management Professional: Design Your Custom System

For Those Facing:

  • Challenge: Current workflows lack efficiency, and there’s a need for a customized Kanban system.
  • Solution: This course is tailored for individuals seeking to optimize their workflows. If you’re facing challenges in establishing Upstream Kanban and designing a system that aligns with your specific needs, this offering guides you through the process.

8. Kanban Product Professional: Maximizing Your Product Management Skills

For Those Facing:

  • Challenge: Product managers struggling to maximize the value of their products in a dynamic market.
  • Solution: If you find it challenging to navigate the complexities of product management, this course equips you with the skills necessary for discovery and value maximization in a dynamic and competitive market.

9. Kanban Leadership Professional: Leading Agile Organizations

For Those Facing:

  • Challenge: Navigating the challenges of leadership in a fast-paced, agile business environment.
  • Solution: This course is designed for individuals aspiring to lead resilient and agile organizations. If you’re facing leadership challenges in the context of agile methodologies, this offering provides the insights and skills needed to succeed.

10. The Change Leadership Masterclass: A Personalized Journey with David Anderson

For Those Facing:

  • Challenge: Seeking advanced insights into change leadership in agile contexts.
  • Solution: If you’re looking to deepen your understanding of advanced Kanban topics and refine your change leadership skills, spending a week with industry luminary David Anderson in this masterclass is the ideal solution. Tailored to address specific challenges in leading change, this experience is a transformative journey.

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