Actionable Metrics

Learn how to choose, analyze, and interpret data that truly matters

Change Leadership Masterclass

This leadership & coaching masterclass is for consultants, coaches, change agents, managers, and Kanban practitioners who want to take it further. Spend 5 days with Kanban thought leader, David J Anderson, and learn how to successfully lead change. This masterclass is also an educational requirement for the AKC (Accredited Kanban Consultant) credential from Kanban University. Previously known as the KCP Masterclass

Change Leadership Masterclass

This course provides the tools for understanding and dealing with resistance to effectively implement change. Attendees see more buy-in and greater success with their change initiatives. Learn the techniques and mindset to extend your leadership skills.

Creating Fit for Purpose Products (KPP1)

KPP I focuses on ¨what & how", the selection and definition of the most valuable product features and requirements.

Enterprise Scale Kanban

Scale Kanban across an organization!

Enterprise Scale Kanban (In-Person)

Join us in Madrid, Spain for the first-ever in-person session of the Enterprise Scale Kanban course!

Enterprise Service Planning Tools (KPPII)

KPP II focuses on ¨when & in which sequence¨, the scheduling, and sequencing problem to optimize economic outcomes and risk. Having learned how to select the most valuable product features and functions in KPP I, this class teaches the aspiring Kanban Product Professional how to understand the best timing and sequencing in order to maximize value delivery.

Enterprise Services Planning (Executive Track)

Learn to create a robust organization with minimal time commitment during the executive track.