Actionable Metrics

Learn how to choose, analyze, and interpret data that truly matters



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  • Description

    About the Course

    In today's data-driven world, making informed decisions is paramount for individuals and organizations alike. "Actionable Metrics" is your gateway to understanding and harnessing the power of metrics to drive action, make improvements, and achieve your goals. Designed for beginners and professionals across various industries, this self-paced online course offers a comprehensive exploration of key concepts related to actionable metrics.

    Throughout this course, you will delve into the world of metrics, learning how to choose, analyze, and interpret data that truly matters. From understanding the difference between vanity metrics and actionable metrics to discovering how to design and implement data-driven strategies, you will gain valuable insights and practical skills. Engaging videos and hands-on exercises will empower you to apply these concepts in your own projects and organizations.

    By the end of "Actionable Metrics," you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to:

    • Differentiate between meaningful, actionable metrics and superficial data.
    • Develop a data-driven mindset and culture within your organization.
    • Utilize various data collection and analysis techniques effectively.
    • Make informed decisions, optimize processes, and drive positive outcomes.
    • Enhance your problem-solving skills through data-backed insights.


    Join us on this journey to transform data into action, and unlock the potential of actionable metrics in your career. Enroll now and take the first step toward becoming a metrics-driven decision-maker.


    Note: This course is self-paced, allowing you to learn at your convenience and apply your newfound knowledge as you progress.



    Learn Actionable Metrics Guidance Through:

    • Engaging course videos by Anna Radzikowska
    • An included copy of The Essential Metrics Guide- The official guide for metrics definitions and knowledge
    • Comprehension quizzes for every unit
    • An interactive student workbook- practice applying what you learn to your own organization to finish the course with a clear plan of action
    • Hands-on application exercises- apply concepts to our scenario to check your understanding
    • Additional reading and resources
    • Final exam- prove your new knowledge and earn a certificate from the David J Anderson School of Management

  • Certification


    Participants will receive the Actionable Metrics certificate from the David J Anderson School of Management if they:

    1. Complete the course 
    2. Receive a passing grade on the final exam

    Participants will have access to course material for 6 months. The final exam consists of 50 questions and 2 attempts are allowed. 

  • Course Contents


    • Introduction to Actionable Metrics
      • How do we classify what we measure? 
      • How do we measure what is truly important?
    • Feedback Mechanisms
      • What are the steps for introducing improvements and measuring success?
    • Lead Time
      • An introduction to lead time and what makes it important
      • How to make lead time actionable
    • How to Understand and Analyze Metrics Related to Flow
      • Failure Demand
      • Delivery Rate
      • Aging WIP
      • Cumulative flow diagrams 
      • Flow Efficiency
    • The Recipe for Better Planning


    Each unit will consist of videos, comprehension quizzes, application questions, and a reflection exercise in the accompanying student workbook.

  • Course Includes

    Fully interactive self-paced learning
    Video lectures by Anna Radzikowska
    Access to online forum
    David J Anderson School of Management Certified Training
    6 months access to course and exam
    Includes a copy of The Essential Metrics Guide and student workbook

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