Patterns of Kanban Maturity

This is part 2 of current series on organizational maturity, evolutionary change, and Kanban. Catch up on Part 1: Organizational Maturity & the J-Curve Effect for more context. What follows is in no way intended to be an exhaustive set of Kanban board designs....

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Organizational Maturity & the J-Curve Effect

This is the first in a series of at least four posts about Kanban, evolutionary change and organizational maturity. In this first post in the series, I look at the psychology and impact of traditional large scale managed change initiatives and how evolutionary change...

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Survivability – Kanban’s “Purple Cow”

Seth Godin once suggested that you only get one chance to be a purple cow. A "me too" position with marketing isn't remarkable or differentiated and doesn't capture imagination or mind share. If people have already picked a solution they like for a given problem then...

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Kanban’s Service Delivery Principles

This is the second post outlining the 6 principles of The Kanban Method. This one explores the 3 Service Delivery Principles. While service delivery has been core to Kanban since 2004, the emphasis on it in our literature is recent and this text is new and still...

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Kanban’s Change Management Principles

In 2016, we are extending the Kanban Principles to specifically break out Service Delivery from Change Management as two sets of three. In the first of two posts on this I lay out the 2nd Edition of The Kanban Method, Change Management Principles. Change Management...

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Your KPIs Probably Aren’t! But What Are They?

This is the 2nd part of my post following Defining KPIs in Enterprise Services Planning. Running our classroom exercises with private clients this past 18 months has shown me that most businesses have KPIs which really aren't Fitness Criteria Metrics. In other words,...

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