Lead Time- An Excerpt from the Essential Metrics Guide (PDF Download)

The Essential Metrics Guide

Lead Time: An Excerpt from The Essential Metrics Guide

The Essential Metrics Guide is your go-to resource for understanding how to measure, improve, and streamline your work processes. In simple terms, we’ll explore how metrics help you work smarter.

It cover topics like cumulative flow diagrams, service level agreements (SLAs), defects and rework, blockers, quality, and more. You’ll learn when and why to measure how fast you’re working (lead time) and when to decide if something is worth pursuing (options expiry).

We’ll even introduce you to Monte Carlo simulation—a handy tool for predicting project timelines.

Whether you’re new to Kanban or looking to enhance your skills, this guide is the key to making your work more efficient and successful. Dive in and demystify the world of metrics!

Get an inside look at The Essential Metrics Guide by downloading the Lead Time PDF. Discover the full guide as part of our online self-paced learning course, Actionable Metrics.

Lead Time

An Excerpt from The Essential Metrics Guide

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