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Change Leadership Masterclass

A Requirement for the Accredited Kanban Consultant (AKC) Program by Kanban University

Accredited Kanban Brochure AKC
Learn more about what you can achieve by taking the Change Leadership Masterclass and earning the becoming an Accredited Kanban Consultant by Kanban University with training from the David J Anderson School of Management. 

The Change Leadership Masterclass offers a unique experience with one week of training by David Anderson that explores advanced topics focused on successfully leading a change initiative. This class is always evolving to contain the newest insights and content. This course includes: 

  • Identity and identity-related Leadership: how to recognize levels of leadership maturity and how they affect organizational maturity and capability.
  • Sociology: how to understand trust, social cohesion, and the culture of an organization.
  • Evolutionary Change: how to apply small changes to where you are now to reach your desired outcomes
  • Interactive exercises and discussion with peers
  • In-depth Reading materials and case study exercises. 
  • Viewing and discussing popular films

Download The AKC Brochure

 Download the AKC Brochure


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