Enterprise Scale Kanban (In-Person)

Join us in Madrid, Spain for the first-ever in-person session of the Enterprise Scale Kanban course!

  • Description

    Do you aspire to achieve large-scale agility within your organization but have encountered roadblocks with various frameworks? Successful enterprise-level agility is not merely about adopting a process framework. It's about building trust, avoiding costly rework, improving quality, empowering teams, and effectively managing risks. How do you achieve this? By elevating your organizational maturity and adopting a network-centric approach.

    In this comprehensive course, set in the vibrant city center of Madrid, Spain, you'll learn to take your Kanban implementation to the next level, expanding it from departmental use to encompass multiple product units. We provide you with the tools and techniques to create executive dashboard reporting for multiple business units, allowing you to consolidate results from a workforce of potentially tens of thousands of individuals.

    Our training will transform your perspective, encouraging you to view your enterprise as a network of interdependent services. You'll take service-oriented thinking to the next level, mastering the practices necessary for effective dependency management.

    Key Course Highlights:

    1. Manage Dependencies with Confidence: At a large scale, attempting to eliminate dependencies often results in mediocrity. Instead, learn how to manage dependencies elegantly and effectively through concepts like demand shaping, capacity allocation, advanced classes of service, risk assessment techniques, and a strong triage capability that categorizes work for efficient handling.

    2. Increase Organizational Maturity: Discover the Kanban Maturity Model (KMM) and receive practical, evidence-based guidance that can be directly implemented. This class acts as a bridge to the KMM and a primer for those seeking a coaching career with expertise in KMM.

    3. Introduction to Leadership Maturity: Scaling requires effective delegation, trust-building, and empowering your team. With an introduction to the Leadership Maturity Model, you'll be equipped to identify leaders within your organization and set them up for success.

    4. Build on Kanban Management Professional Knowledge: This course builds on foundational Kanban practices and applies them in the context of a large network of interdependent Kanban systems.

    5. Pragmatic and Actionable Guidance: Our guidance is pragmatic and actionable, ensuring that you leave with concrete steps to implement immediately. At the end of the course, you'll be asked, "What will you do differently next Monday?"

    By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

    • Move quickly, exhibit agility, exploit opportunities, and show resilience.
    • Improve cooperation and collaboration without expensive reorganization.
    • Effectively manage dependencies with minimal impact on productivity.
    • Achieve an end-to-end workflow that enhances speed and predictability.
    • Create highly predictable outcomes and superior economic results through risk management techniques.
    • Develop objectives and metrics to drive optimal system-wide behavior.
    • Scale Kanban beyond a department to an entire business unit, potentially spanning tens of thousands of individuals.
    • Enhance organizational maturity with pragmatic, actionable guidance based on the Kanban Maturity Model (KMM).

    Who Should Attend:

    This course is ideal for Kanban Management Professionals seeking to take their Kanban knowledge to the next level. It is designed for practitioners and managers in operational roles who aim to drive large-scale agility and get things done effectively. Those interested in product portfolio management and organizational scaling will find this course highly practical and beneficial.

    For those who aspire to understand the key elements of successful scaling without pursuing a coaching role, this course offers valuable insights. Those intrigued by this course may also consider advancing to the Kanban Leadership Professional courses for further growth.

    Course Schedule:

    The class will begin daily at 9 AM and conclude at 6 PM. To enhance your learning experience, a coffee break and catered lunch will be provided. 

    Join us in Madrid, Spain, and embark on a transformative journey toward successful enterprise-scale Kanban implementation!

  • Course Includes

    16 Hrs of In-Person Training
    Interactive group sessions with peers
    Kanban University, ESK Certified Training
    Coffee Break and Lunch
    Introductory Pricing 

  • Certification

    Kanban University® Certification

    This course is certified by Kanban University. Active participants will receive a certificate of attendance upon completion.

    Enterprise Kanban Management Professional Credential

    After completing the Kanban Management Professional courses and the Enterprise Scale Kanban course, active participants will be awarded the Enterprise Kanban Management Professional credential by Kanban University.

    An Enterprise Kanban Management Professional is proven to understand what is necessary to take an organization to maturity level 4. They understand how to implement a network of interconnected dependent kanban systems that might support an entire business unit of 300 to 1200 people.

  • Prerequisites

    Participants must complete Kanban Management Professional training prior to this course. This includes:

    1. Kanban System Design

    2. Kanban Systems Improvement or Kanban for Design and Innovation

  • Course Contents

    Participants in the ESK course will work to meet and understand the following objectives:

    Scaling Business Activities

    ·       Focus on quality 

    o   How do you go about it? 

    o   What are the benefits? 

    o   Why is it important? 

    ·       How to "work yourself out of a job"

    o   Understanding delegation, empowerment, facilitation, decision-making, decision frameworks, and use of policies 

    o   Existing Kanban guidance put into context become powerful techniques that enable scale 

    ·       Improve organizational maturity using the KMM

    o   Understanding the Kanban Maturity Model 

    o   Why maturity level 4 should be the goal


    Revision of KMP Techniques

    ·       Manage the work, let the workers self-organize around it 

    · Service orientation (the Kanban Lens) and mapping workflow by service type 

    ·       STATIK (the Systems Thinking Approach to Implementing Kanban) 

    ·       Commitment and Triage 

    ·       Instrumenting and measuring lead time 

    ·       Trimming the tail of lead time distribution 

    ·       Thin-tailed lead time distribution and its relationship to Little´s Law 

    ·       Risk hedging and load balancing with capacity allocation across kanban systems 

    ·       Classes of service and cost of delay function shapes 


    Enterprise Services Planning Techniques

    ·       Coping with irrefutable demand on shared services 

    ·       Classes of dependency management (based on cost of delay) 

    ·       Dynamic Reservation Systems 

    ·       Classes of Reservation