Kanban Management Professional Bundle Plus

This bundle option includes the Kanban Management Professional courses plus additional delivery Kanban course material.


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11 December

5 days, 11 Dec - 15 Dec
2:00pm CET - 6:00pm CET
  • €3,875.00 excl.

8 January

5 days, 08 Jan - 12 Jan
2:00pm CET - 6:00pm CET
  • €3,875.00 excl.

15 April

5 days, 15 Apr - 19 Apr
2:00pm CEST - 6:00pm CEST
  • Advanced Registration: Register 45 days prior €3,100.00 excl.
  • €3,875.00 excl.
  • Description

    Part 1: Kanban System Design

    Gain a foundation of knowledge with an introduction to Kanban. Learn the core practices and principles. Participate in a simulation to experience flow, pull systems, and work in progress limits. Get guidance through the steps of STATIK, a way to build a unique Kanban system, and participate in a hands-on experience of designing a Kanban system with peers.

    Part 2: Kanban for Design and Innovation

    See where Kanban can take you while focusing on upstream design. This course focuses on advanced practices and cadences. With upstream Kanban, users can engage stakeholders from different organizational levels and departments in idea generation and make decisions to invest, shelve or discard ideas. Demand can be properly managed and shaped. The course offers hands-on exercises that allow users to practice setting up an upstream system.

    Part 3: Kanban Systems Improvement

    With the bundle plus option, enjoy an additional day of material that focuses on delivery systems. Gain an end-to-end understanding of how to improve Kanban implementations in both the upstream and downstream.

  • Certification

    Kanban University® Credential

    Participants receive a Kanban University Certified Kanban Training Certificate of completion of attendance for Kanban System Design, Kanban for Design and Innovation, and Kanban Systems Improvement.

    Kanban University KMP Credential, Kanban Management Professional

    Participants of both the Kanban System Design and Kanban for Design and Innovation courses will receive the Kanban University “Kanban Management Professional” credential.

  • Objectives

    Kanban System Design Learning Objectives:

    • Understanding Kanban systems
    • Experience flow in a Kanban simulation
    • Learn and use STATIK (Systems Thinking Approach to Introducing Kanban) to design your Kanban system.
    • Visual board design and ticket design. 

    Kanban for Design and Innovation Learning Objectives:

    • Take a pro-active, rational and well-communicated approach to continuous improvement
    • Achieve higher levels of both internal and external customer satisfaction, sustainably
    • Outline a path to increase organizational maturity, including how to overcome resistance to change
    • Implement simple and effective cross-boundary coordination
    • Use proven tools and methods to increase capability, remove delays, reduce variability and manage bottlenecks
    • Develop an understanding of evolutionary change and avoid the tendency for pushing disruptive, presumptive solutions
    • Effectively scale workflow agility without changing job titles, organization structures, or causing other disruptions
    • Increase skills and implementation of the 6 general practices of Kanban


  • Course Contents

    Days 1 & 2

    Kanban System Design live training sessions (4 hours each)

    Days 3 & 4

    Kanban Design and Innovation training sessions (4 hours each)

    Day 5

    Kanban Design and Innovation Wrap-up (2 hours)

    Optional Kanban Systems Improvement workshop (Available with the KMP Bundle Plus)

    Online Course Materials

    This course will have an online, self-paced learning component. Students will have access to our online learning portal where they can watch course videos and review reading assignments. Students should consider the self-paced component when budgeting time for the course.

  • Course Includes

    Live training with an AKT
    Interactive group sessions with your peers
    Free access to KMM Plus
    Kanban University, Certified Training
    Access to Online Learning Portal and course videos
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