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Established in 2008 by the innovator of The Kanban Method, the David J Anderson School of Management is at the forefront of redefining management. We empower leaders to navigate change and manage with confidence through a focus on managed evolutionary change, customer fulfillment, and the Kanban Method. With a global network of over 400 licensed coaches, trainers, and consultants, we’re setting standards and reshaping the future of management, helping professionals drive greater organizational agility, resilience, and leadership in the 21st Century. Our guidance is based on The Kanban Method, The Fit for Purpose Framework, and Enterprise Services Planning. We make sure all of our guidance and certified training is actionable, pragmatic, and evidence-based.

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We focus on evolutionary, not revolutionary change. Our guidance allows you to start where you are now and make changes that are more likely to stick. All of our courses and materials are based on pragmatic, actionable, evidence-based guidance.


"What will you do differently next Monday?" Our students finish our courses with a clear answer to the question.


We won't just tell you the "why", but make you confident in the "how". Leave courses and workshops confident in your next steps.


Our material is based on real results in organizations of all sectors and sizes.

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