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Kanban Maturity Model

The Course: Kanban Leadership Professional I

Make sense of leadership and provide a framework for leadership development

In this course, students learn the 7 levels of leadership maturity and the character traits observed at each level. They learn that leadership can take several forms and when and how to lead by direction, by example, by inspiration, and by signaling. 

Great leadership requires great empathy and hence a deep understanding of the human condition. Using models from Plato, Aristotle, Maslow, & Kahneman, together with theory from social psychology, clinical psychology, and the study of resilience, and neuroscience and brain chemistry, students will learn how to recognize and interpret human behavior. 

Humans are social, pack animals, and to lead them successfully leaders must understand sociology and how humans behave in groups. The 3-dimensional model of organizational culture helps leaders make sense of their situation and provides them with specific, actionable levers to hack culture and drive change. Understanding tribal behavior is vital for successful leaders. Students will be introduced to the Immelman matrices and understand how identity & purpose can drive change. This will be integrated with Maslow´s Hierarchy and an understanding of the human condition. 

Who Should Attend?

  • Those with managerial responsibility who must lead their organization through challenging times
  • Those holding operational management and leadership positions in companies pursuing a business agility transformation
  • Anyone looking for pragmatic, actionable, evidence-based leadership guidance


  • Assess leadership value. The model provides a codification for actions that let us see that all acts of leadership are not equal.  
  • Proactively develop leaders. The model and the character traits provide us not only with a means of assessment but a roadmap for the development of individual leaders. 
  • Maps directly to the Organizational Maturity Model. Lets us compare leadership maturity and behavior with organizational maturity and integrate leadership development into an overall organizational improvement and development plan. 

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Lesson: Leadership Characteristic Traits

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