The David J Anderson School of Management is a Seattle and Bilbao based training center and global consultancy focused on training managers to make better decisions. Top management professionals such as David J Anderson present the Kanban University curriculum including the highest level professional development classes only taught here. Managers and consultants trained here will be equipped to develop custom solutions for their organization to best balance its opportunity, workload and capability against its attitude to risk. The result is a more fit for purpose organization with greater business agility and better customer satisfaction.


David J Anderson

Pioneer in the use of kanban systems for improved service delivery in professional services and creative, knowledge work businesses. He is the originator of the Kanban Method and Enterprise Services Planning for improved service delivery; Co-creator of the Fit-for-Purpose Framework for strategy, market research, marketing and organizational measurement, Management trainer and consultant; and popular conference speaker and presenter. David is the author/co-author of the books, “Kanban Maturity Model: Evolving Fit-for-Purpose Organizations”, “Fit for Purpose – How Modern Businesses Find, Satisfy & Keep Customers”, “Kanban – Successful Evolutionary Change for your Technology Business”, “Essential Kanban Condensed”, “Lessons in Agile Management” and “Agile Management for Software Engineering”.

Steve McGee

Chief Executive Officer
Drives the development of programming and runs the school. 30 years of experience in leadership and organization development, from developing programs that teach leadership and develop character, to creating, implementing and supervising staff training for leadership schools. Co-author of the KMM book and developer of the Leadership extensions to the Kanban Maturity Model. Co-author of The Silicon Valley Way to help Japanese businesses implement innovation management practices to increase business agility. Former president and director of events of the Bay Area Organization Development Network, and founding member of the Association of Change Management Professionals.


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