Strategic Marketing

The Fit for Purpose framework accompanied by our training gives managers a new way of understanding and quantifying customer behavior, identifying customer segments by customer purpose. It also gives managers a framework with which they can make more confident decisions, to adapt products and services to be fitter for their customer's intended purpose and marketing environments.  


Strategic Marketing


Fit For Purpose

4 days, online

This online course will be spread out over a total of four days. The course will combine live, interactive sessions at the times listed as well as a component of self-paced learning. For learning at home, students will have access to hours of daily videos, reading material, and activities. The Fit-For-Purpose course has been developed from the recent book Fit For Purpose – how modern businesses find, satisfy & keep customers by David J Anderson & Alexei Zheglov.

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How do you know why your customers select you and your products and services? How do you know whether a change to a product or service will represent an improvement? How do you select new features, functions, and classes of service? How do you manage your portfolio of products and services and the market segments you serve? How do you find, select, and grow market segments? How do you identify segments that you don’t serve well and should be switched off? This class will answer all of these questions and more…

This is the 2-day class developed from the recent book, Fit For Purpose – how modern businesses find, satisfy & keep customers, by David J Anderson & Alexei Zheglov. This class presents a significant part of the strategic planning, marketing, market research, product management, and service design from the suite of classes offered in Enterprise Service Planning.

This class will offer you significant new insights into how to optimize the effectiveness of your business, to produce fit-for-purpose products and services that delight your customers, making them loyal to your brand and increasing your share, revenues and margins.


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