Kanban System Design

Design a Kanban system to improve visibility, communication, and collaboration within your team.


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18 November

2 days, 18 Nov - 19 Nov
2:00pm CET - 6:00pm CET
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  • Description

    About the Course:

    Embark on a journey of understanding and implementing Kanban methodology to optimize your team's workflow. This course begins by fostering a shared understanding of existing work processes, identifying areas for improvement, and introducing effective enhancements. Through a comprehensive exploration of Kanban principles and practices, participants will gain the necessary knowledge to design and implement a customized Kanban system tailored to their specific needs.


    • Develop a comprehensive understanding of The Kanban Method and its underlying principles.
    • Engage in immersive simulations to experience the dynamics of flow within a Kanban system.
    • Acquire proficiency in facilitating Kanban meetings to streamline work organization and collaboration.
    • Utilize the STATIK approach to design and implement a personalized Kanban system.
    • Enhance agility, responsiveness, and risk management capabilities within the team.
    • Explore the concept of "Pull" systems and their role in alleviating workload burdens.
    • Learn to leverage key performance metrics such as lead time, run charts, and cumulative flow diagrams for continuous improvement initiatives.

    Is This Course Right for Me?

    Are you seeking to revolutionize your approach to workflow management and innovation? The Kanban System Design course offers a dynamic learning experience for individuals at various stages of their Kanban journey. Here's how to determine if this course is the right fit for you:

    1. Direct Involvement in Kanban Systems:

      If you're directly involved in designing and managing Kanban systems within your organization, this bundle is tailored to meet your needs. Whether you're a team lead, project manager, or process improvement specialist, this course provides essential tools and techniques to optimize workflow and drive continuous improvement.

    2. New to Kanban or Needing a Refresher:

      If you're new to Kanban methodology or require a refresher on its principles and practices, this course offers a comprehensive introduction.

    3. Desire for Continuous Improvement:

      If you're committed to ongoing learning and continuous improvement, this course empowers you with the knowledge and skills to evolve your Kanban practices over time. By leveraging key performance metrics and adopting an evolutionary change mindset, you'll be equipped to drive meaningful progress and adapt to changing business needs.


    What Will You Do Differently Next Monday?

    1. Implement Visual Management: Transform your work environment with visual boards for transparency and collaboration.
    2. Facilitate Effective Meetings: Lead Kanban meetings to focus on critical work items and foster accountability.
    3. Design Tailored Kanban Systems: Utilize STATIK to analyze workflow and design customized systems.



    • Days 1: Introduction to the Kanban Method + a Kanban simulation

    • Day 2: Walk through the STATIK method and get hands-on practice designing a Kanban system

    Online Course Materials: In addition to live online training sessions, participants will have access to online, self-paced learning materials via our dedicated learning portal. These resources include course videos and reading assignments, offering flexibility in learning and review.


    Note: Participants should allocate time for self-paced learning when planning for the course.



  • Certification

    Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive certification from Kanban University for completion of Kanban System Design.

    To receive certificates, participants must attend and actively engage in all sessions of the course. This includes completing all hands-on exercises, simulations, and group discussions.


    Kanban Management Professional Badge

    Participants who continue on learning with the Kanban for Design and Innovation or Kanban Systems Improvement course also receive the prestigious Kanban Management Professional (KMP) credential, demonstrating their proficiency in Kanban methodology and its application in system design and innovation. The KMP credential is widely recognized within the agile and lean communities, enhancing professional credibility and marketability. KMPs may be eligible for continuing education credits or professional development units (PDUs), allowing them to maintain and enhance their skills over time.



  • Prerequisites

    While no prior courses are required, it's beneficial to have read foundational texts on Kanban, such as "Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business" by David J. Anderson or "Kanban from the Inside" by Mike Burrows. This background reading will provide a deeper understanding of Kanban principles and their application.

    Note: Participants should allocate time for self-paced learning when planning for the course.

  • Course Includes

    Online Kanban simulation
    Hands-on group exercises
    Free access to KMM Plus
    Kanban University, Certified Training
    Access to Online Learning Portal and course videos
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