KMM/KCP Bundle Plus Coaching

This bundle offer includes both the Kanban Maturity Model and the Kanban Coaching Practices training courses as well as one hour of one-to-one mentoring with your trainer.

  • Description

    Part 1 "The Map" Kanban Maturity Model 

    The Kanban Maturity Model (KMM) course teaches you to use the most powerful tool in Kanban. Participants learn how to use the Kanban Maturity Model to find the outcomes they are looking for and the steps to take to create the cultural change and practice implementation needed to get there. 

    Part 2 "The Navigation" Kanban Coaching Practices 

    The Kanban Coaching Practices (KCP) course takes it further teaching you how to take everything you know about the KMM and STATIK and lead the change needed to improve. 

    This course teaches how to: 

    • Deal with resistance to change. 

    • Understand and improve organizational culture. 

    • Improve using evolutionary, not abrupt, change 

    Part 3 ¨The Journey¨ - One to One Mentoring 

    Get personal mentoring from your trainer. Apply course objectives to your current situation and get the advice you need. Have trainers review your situation and answer your personal questions that were not covered in class. 

    With the course bundle, you have the option to take the KMM and KCP courses at different times. If you would like to start with the KMM and take the KCP at a later date, contact a member of our team.  


    Mentoring Policies 

    Course mentoring meetings must be scheduled within one month of course completion. Participants are expected to come prepared with their questions and information about their situation to get the most out of the hour.  

  • Course Contents

    Course Bundle Includes:

    • 5 half-days of Kanban Maturity Model training
    • 4 half-days of Kanban Coaching Practices training
    • Self-paced lecture videos and reading assignments
    • 3 months free access to KMM+


    Online Format:

    Live sessions at listed times. Live sessions include:

    • Group breakout activities- Collaborate with fellow peers from around the world and from a variety of industries. Apply the new knowledge you have learned!
    • Q&A sessions- Ask David or other trusted Kanban trainers your questions about the material.
    • Support and guidance- Live sessions make sure students are getting the most out of the student material and are used to guide students through complex themes

    Pre-work for live sessions:

    •  Hours of top-quality training videos of David Anderson
    •  Downloadable reading materials and resources

  • Prerequisites

    The Kanban Management Professional (KMP) credential is required. Course participants are encouraged to have read the book Kanban Maturity Model by David J Anderson and Teodora Bozheva.

  • Certification

    Kanban Coaching Professional Credential

    The Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) is our advanced level credential received after taken the KMM and KCP training courses and previously receiving the KMP credential. With this credential, students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of the proven improvement roadmap that will help you understand where you are today and provide actionable guidance on the next steps to improve your delivery capabilities.


    To achieve the Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) credential, students must have the Kanban Management Professional (KMP) credential and complete the Kanban Maturity Model (KMM) and Kanban Coaching Practices training.

    Kanban University® Certificate

    KMM Students will receive a certificate of completion recognizing participation in the class.

    To achieve the Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) credential, the following course requirements must be met:

    • Kanban System Design (KMP I)
    • Kanban Management Professional (KMP II) 
    • Kanban Maturity Model 
    • Kanban Coaching Practices

    The KCP is an internationally recognized credential in the Kanban Method awarded by Kanban Univeristy.  

    For KCP credential questions, please contact us

  • Course Includes

    23 Hrs Live training with top trainers
    13 Hrs of quality training videos
    Interactive group sessions with your peers
    In-depth Self Study Exercises
    Kanban University, KCP Certified Training
    Access to Online Learning Portal
    1 Hour of 1-to-1 mentoring
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