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Scaling agile and effective dependency management have proven mutually exclusive. The state-of-the-art method seems to involve putting 900-1000 people in a sports arena in Germany once every three months and asking them to spend 3 days on analysis activities to map all of the dependencies for the next 3 months of release planning. Large quantities of red string are consumed as they tie themselves in knots.

There is a better, faster, cheaper way! Kanban offers an elegant solution for dependency management that is more effective and costs about 15% of the time, energy and cash, you will spend on scaled agile.

First you must discard timeboxed sprints, embrace flow, instrument, measure and report lead times, implement a simple dynamic reservation system, then use triage tables to determine classes of service based on cost of delay, and classes of dependency management based on class of service and customer expectations.

It is all explained on two simple infographic posters or implemented using a simple mobile application. Just-in-time dependency management, when you need it, where you need it, in the palm of your hand, at your fingertips, and at a fraction of the cost of existing alternatives.

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About the Presenter

The originator of the Kanban Method, and co-creator of the Kanban Maturity Model, the Fit-for-Purpose Framework and Enterprise Services Planning, David is focused on management training and leadership development in professional services, and intangible goods industries. 

David is the author of 7 leading books on developing the Kanban method for modern businesses. In 2010 he published “KANBAN: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business” which is in the top 5 best-selling Agile books of all time.

He is the founder of the Kanban University with over 400 accredited trainers and consultants, multiple global conferences, and is Chairman of the David J. Anderson School of Management providing training in 21st century business practices for enterprise agility, business resilience, and organizational maturity.

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