Team Kanban Practitioner

Lean Kanban University is introducing a new entry level Kanban class for Team Kanban together with a certification and professional credential, TKP, Team Kanban Practitioner. This new class becomes the entry level on the “alternative path to agility” and reflects the market reality that most Kanban starts shallow and at the team level.
Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP) classes are just 1 day and can be taken at our new training facility in Seattle, The Anderson School of Management, located at 200 First Avenue West, Seattle WA 98119 close to Seattle Center, Key Arena and the Space Needle. Check our listings for available classes Training
Team Kanban Practitioner class participants will receive a certificate and the professional credential TKP. This is the first step on the “alternative path to agility.” Completing two 2-day classes on Kanban Systems Design and the Kanban Method implemented through the Kanban Candences, earns participants the higher level Kanban Management Professional, KMP, credential.
The Kanban Coaching Professional and Accredited Kanban Trainer credentials are unaffected by this announcement.
Class Agenda

1st session (90 minutes)

Introduction and survey of existing Kanban experience

3 Agendas (focus on Sustainability)

Principles & Practices

Meanings of kanban

Basic kanban concepts

     – visual board

     – local cycle time metric

     – WIP

     – delivery rate & Little’s Law

Discussion of Cartoon

Feedback loops – standup & replenishment

Morning Break

2nd session (90 minutes)

Game – getKanban in Quickplay mode or Klaus Leopolds’ boats game depending on trainer preference

Game debrief

Lunch Break

3rd session (90 minutes)

Board designs (including personal kanban)

WIP limits

Risks (e.g. Tactical|operational|strategic|sustaining, cost of delay Expedite|Fixed Date|Standard|Intangible)

Design-a-board exercise

Afternoon Break

4th session (90 minutes)

What next…

Explanation of service delivery workflow kanban

Revisit 3 Agendas – next focus on Service-orientation

Proto-kanban versus full kanban system

Benefits of extending kanban up/down workflow – improved service delivery – overview of STATIK and outside-in customer focus – upsell to 2-day class

Closing exercise – reflect on what have you learned and what next, what will you do differently next tomorrow?

Who should attend?

Any team member in a professional services organization where the team or its members suffer from over-burdening and would benefit from better visibility into their work and relief from over-burdening through the use of work-in-progress limits. Anyone who has seen others benefiting from the use of Kanban Boards and would like to learn how to do it for their team.

Learning Outcomes

Attendees will learn about various styles of team kanban board and how to choose the correct style for their current way of working. They will learn how to behave and collaborate when practicing Kanban at the team level. They will be able to go back to their office and implement a Team Kanban Board (some form of proto-kanban) and get started. They will also have a fuller appreciation of service delivery workflow kanban pull systems and why advancing to the next stage of Kanban Management Professional is an important and valuable step on their journey along the “alternative path to agility.”

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