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How to Keep Your Customers Happy!​

The Fit-for-Purpose framework accompanied by our training gives managers a new way of understanding customer behavior and identifying customer segments by customer purpose. It gives managers a framework through which they can make more confident decisions, to adapt products and services to be “fitter” for their customers intended purpose and marketing environments. 

Fit For Purpose

Although keeping customers happy sounds easy, it’s seldom done and yet is the holy grail pursued through measures of greater organizational agility and business resilience.

So how do you keep customers happy and make them choose your products or services over the competition? 

What is required is the ability to filter out the noise and focus on what is most important to the customer. Design implement and deliver products and services that are fit for the purposes of the customer. It requires adapting your organisation to consistently deliver on customer promises and expectations, not just being able to change a product requirement. 

Our solution, authored by David J Anderson and Alexei Zheglov, is the ‘Fit-for-Purpose Framework’ which draws parallels with Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection. Why does one variant do better than another? Natural selection. Why does one product or service do better than another? Customer Selection. 

The Fit-For-Purpose Framework helps businesses understand why customers are choosing them, or not. This tells them why they are being selected and helps them refine an understanding of the product features or service design elements that affect selection. Customer segmentation should be driven by customer purpose, so variants of products and services are designed for customer segments. Using the framework enables product managers to evolve products and services within their segments, to fulfil specific customer needs. The advantage of this over just using demographics is that you can focus on the customers intended use as your basis for product development. 

On the side of the customer, there is a constant natural selection at work, conscious or unconscious decisions are being made on how well , or in our terms, how “Fit” they are perceived to be for the customer’s intended purpose. With them choosing not necessarily based on looks or price but on a whole myriad of other factors or criteria that businesses fail to measure. Possibly because they are using vanity metrics or other factors that have nothing to do with why the customer chose A over B. 

One metric giving managers false hope is the Net Promoter Score NPS ® as it provides no real means to segment our customers by purpose. It doesn’t give you any understanding of what the satisfaction level was based upon or what exactly is needed to be changed in order to make improvement.  

NPS ®, only provides only an aggregated score with no real means of understanding the context or purpose of the customer. Knowing if the total sum of customers is satisfied or not doesn’t tell us anything about the customer segmentation based on customer purpose.  It simply isn’t enough by which a company can manage products and services, yet it is a measurement that many companies seem to pride themselves on. 

Our method is far more effective and uses F4P Card Customer Surveys to obtain Fitness Box Scores that segment customers based on their purpose, they may also have more than one purpose. Fitness Box Scores enable managers to make clear decisions that are based on the customers perspective. In our training we teach you how to measure more meaningful metrics and interpret these results to make significant improvements in your strategic marketing.  

The Fit-for-Purpose framework & training developed by David J Anderson and Alexei Zheglov gives managers a refreshing new way of 

  • Understanding customer behavior 
  • Identifying customer segments by purpose 
  • Using the correct metrics for clearer and more decisive decision making. 

Segmenting customers by purpose enables managers to make product improvements that are specific to customer segments that may have not been identified before. 

Customers all have different reasons for choosing products and services and use a different criteria for selection. By grouping these criteria it is then possible to manage them more effectively. Increasing customer satisfaction, retention and profitability.     

The Fit for Purpose Framework gives managers a method by which they can segment customers by the customers intent purpose and score the ‘Fitness for Purpose’ using a Fitness Box Score to strategically manage products and services. 

F4P Fit for Purpose

Take our four day online training course with David J Anderson and Alexei Zheglov to gain significant new insights into how to optimize the effectiveness of your business, to produce fit-for-purpose products and services that delight your customers, making them loyal to your brand and increasing your share, revenues and margins.

Fit-for-Purpose Training

By taking the training you also receive a copy of the Fit-for-Purpose book and gain the Customer Experience Professional (CPX) credential from Kaban University.

CXP Badge Kanban University

Certifying as a CXP with Kanban University (Customer Experience Professional) you will know how to use the Fit-for-Purpose Framework to drive strategic marketing, segmenting a market by customer purpose. How to drive evolutionary improvement in products and services by aligning metrics to criteria customers use to select products and services and decide whether or not they are happy with them. CXPs know how to use the F4P Card customer experience survey method, and how to interpret Fitness Box Scores with actionable advice and guidance on marketing focus and product improvement