Introducing the Kanban Maturity Model (KMM)

The new organizational maturity model

Kanban Maturity Model

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The Kanban Maturity Model maps typical Kanban practices as well as cultural values against 7 organizational maturity levels. This becomes a  powerful tool for coaches and consultants leading Kanban initiatives and helping businesses improve their agility.

The KMM maturity levels enables coaches and managers to assess where they are in their organizational maturity relating to their handling of process and policies, their fulfillment of desired outcomes for customer satisfaction, and their level of business agility and improvement practices. In addition to identifying the current level, the KMM provides guidance on recommended practices to meet their improvement goals.

The first phase of the KMM program includes the release of the Kanban Maturity Model poster and book by David J Anderson and Teodora Bozheva.  Future phases will introduce a KMM coaching class and a KMM Lead Appraiser credential class.  Participation in this KMM training will be restricted to those who meet the qualifications for Kanban training and knowledge.

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