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What can Kanban do for you?

We provide management and leadership training for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Training is based on the Kanban Method, Fit for Purpose Framework and the Kanban Maturity Model all authored by David J Anderson.

Kanban is a method that allows you to manage knowledge work. It uses principles and practices that guide you in managing and improving work with the help of Kanban boards that allow you to visualize your work and its flow and Kanban Systems that control the work in progress to ensure work flows smoothly. Benefits of Kanban include:

  • Increased productivity: Teams using Kanban have seen productivity increases by up to 8X
  • Consistent outcomes: Allowing you to understand and manage your workflow, Kanban enables you to have consistent outcomes which allow you to keep your promises to clients and teams
  • Avoid overburdening employees: With better visualization of workflows and the creation of explicit policies, Kanban protects employees from overburdening allowing you to create a better work environment.
  • A roadmap for transformation: The Kanban Maturity Model guides you through different levels of organizational agility allowing you to assess your own organization as well as outlining the practices, culture, values, and outcomes that can be expected at each level
  • Understand your customers: The Fit for Purpose Framework lays out how to figure out your customers’ needs and design and measure a product that will meet them
Corporate Training Kanban

Our clients have seen results with up to 20-fold productivity improvements and delivery times dropping by greater than 90%.

How does Kanban compare to other agile systems?

Kanban stands out in the agile world with the concept of evolutionary change. The “start where you are now” approach allows you to implement Kanban with small incremental changes. There is no need for reorganization, new roles, or transition initiatives. 

Where to start?

We provide a range of services flexible enough to scale to any size organization. Our training is available through remote online learning, at our training facilities, or on-site. Get pragmatic, actionable advice from David J Anderson or our global network of accredited Kanban coaches, consultants, and trainers. Options are available in multiple languages and regions.

Private Group Courses:

Best for: Whole teams or companies who are interested in learning more about Kanban or improving their Kanban knowledge together.

Summary: Our variety of Kanban training, covering the basics to advanced topics, is available for private groups upon request. Be paired with the best trainer for your needs and learn together as a team. This option allows for discussion and concepts to be more fit for your group’s needs.

Executive Workshops:

Best for: Management teams, groups of executives, or multiple individuals in a role of leadership.

Summary: Our executive workshops give you valuable time with David J Anderson to focus on applying knowledge to your specific situation. Enjoy focused, actionable takeaways that can gain you and your organization significantly improved results. Explore ideas of leadership and influencing culture within an organization.

Tailor-Made Workshops:

Best for: Groups interested in choosing their own mix of topics, trainer, and amount of guidance

Summary: Our tailor-made workshops are a unique opportunity for you to choose your focus. Talk with a member of our team to help you choose the best course material and trainer for your group. Choose to add on to course material with additional consulting and guidance.

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