Kanban Coaching Masterclasses in 2015

We’ve listed only 1 public Kanban Coaching Masterclass for 2015 in San Diego in January on the week of the 19th. So far we have 11 out of 12 places subscribed and one client expects to fill that final place. We will be listing a 2nd spillover class also in January for the week of 12th January. This should be posted by end of next week. If you are interested in attending a 2015 masterclass please follow the sales link at the bottom of this page. We do not plan to list any more public masterclasses in 2015.
Our strategy for Kanban Coaching Professional Masterclasses is to hold them for private clients – enterprises undertaking large scale Kanban initiatives – and consulting firms. We will also list semi-private classes where a client is underwriting the class by committing to a group of 5 people or more. Private clients and those underwriting classes will receive a significant discount on attendee fees. Clients will be able to pick the location and timing. However, the format of the class will not be compromised. We will still insist the class is 5 days in a residential split-day format, delivered as 10 x half day sessions. Semi-private classes will be listed on our training page for open registration at the full price with places for up to 12 attendees. These will also be promoted through our usual social media channels and our mailing list.
If you are an individual who’d like to attend the masterclass in 2015, and you’d like a discount, then we are offering an option scheme, where you purchase an option to attend and list your preferred timing and locations and we will do our best to match you to a semi-private class as and when it comes up. Anyone interested in this scheme should contact us via the sales link at the bottom of the page.
Each year we train around 60 to 70 people as Kanban coaches via the masterclass. Many people find it life changing and it completely alters their professional approach to coaching clients, introducing changes and leading improvement initiatives. We continue to correlate successful large scale, long-lived Kanban initiatives with alumi of the masterclass. 80% of Brickell Key Award winners are masterclass alumni.

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