Executive Leadership Workshops

Lead with confidence, manage with competence

“Let us develop your managers and leaders to ensure they have the necessary skills for survival, resilience, and reinvention.” 

Learn directly from 21st Century business leader David J Anderson how to lead through a crisis with our executive leadership workshops.

Learn how to lead with purpose and discover the soul of your business. Recognize that organizations without purpose are soulless, aimless, zombies just going through the motions and do not survive. Our workshops teach you how to energize, unify, align, and motivate with purpose. Learn to unlock the potential of your organizations by defining and communicating purpose by putting meaning into work.

Workshops are available at our training center in Bilbao, Spain or at our retreat location in Zell-am-Ziller, a convenient two-hour drive from Munich. 

Our executive workshops give you valuable time with David J Anderson to focus on applying knowledge to your specific situation. Enjoy focused, actionable takeaways that can gain you and your organization significantly improved results.   

Unlike open enrollment training from the David J Anderson School of Management,  our executive workshops can be tailor made to the specific needs of your organization or individual personnel.

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Leadership Workshops

2-Day Leadership Workshop

The 2-day executive workshop is ideal for managers to learn how to lead through a crisis and gain the essential skills and knowledge needed for business resilience and reinvention. This 2-day workshop with David J Anderson focuses on leadership and purpose within an organization. 

  • Workshop Objectives:
    • Understanding the human condition
    • Learning to lead by signaling, by inspiration, by example, and by direction
    • Personal risk
    • Urgency
    • Understanding leadership maturity
    • Identity-driven leadership
    • Altruistic leadership
    • Purpose-driven leadership
    • Humble leadership
    • Duty-driven leadership

The Role of Identity in Leadership

    • Dignity, Respect, Recognition, and Status
    • Fragile, Resilient, and Robust Cultures

The Role of Trust and how to build it

Maintaining organizational discipline

    • Holding your nerve under stress and adversity

5-Day Leadership Workshop

This extension to our 2-day workshop includes: 

Actionable guidance for leaders on improving the sociology and culture for resilience, reinvention, and enabling change. Catalyzing leadership using accountability and feedback mechanisms

The Culture of Highly Resilient Organizations

  • Learn to make values actionable
  • Learn to use feedback to drive accountability
  • The Need for Patience
  • The Role of a Fair & Equitable Justice System
  • Leading for Innovation & Reinvention
  • Encouraging freedom of speech and freedom of ideas
  • Encouraging tolerance & diversity
  • Enabling social mobility
  • The need for individual security, self-esteem, dignity, respect, recognition, & equitable status
  • The need for a little organizational insecurity and humility
  • The leader as a culture hacker
  • The sociology of organizations
  • Social innovation
  • Social capital
  • Social cohesion and social entropy

Culture Workshops

Culture Hacking, 2-days

Learn to Lead with Culture

“Outcomes follow practice adoption,

Practice adoption follows culture”

This course teaches you how to understand the culture of your organization, and provides you with pragmatic, actionable hacks to change and improve it. 

This workshop includes the following content:

  • The Culture of Highly Resilient Organizations
  • Organizational Values
  • Leading with Values
  • Decision Filters to drive Cultural Change
  • Congruence & Alignment
  • Aligning metrics, measures, and incentives with cultural values
  • Leading Change with OKRs – metrics, measures & incentives for resilience & reinvention 2-day course
  • Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) overview
  • Better OKRs using the Fit-for-Purpose Framework
  • The Fit-for-Purpose Framework
    •     Fitness Criteria (selection criteria for customer satisfaction)
    •     Health Indicators
    •     Improvement Drivers
    •     Vanity Metrics and the social psychological needs and vulnerabilities they reveal
  • Catalyzing leadership with accountability & feedback mechanisms
  • An operating framework for driving improvements and change using OKRs

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