Enterprise Services Planning Management Summit

A new conference! A new format! A new movement! London, 12 January
The Enterprise Services Planning Management Summit is designed for managers in all types of professional services to come together and share their challenges managing modern 21st Century business in a complex world of disruptive change and ever-shifting customer demands and expectations.

If you’re “head of…” something then this is the new forum for you to find answers to the wicked problems that challenge your service delivery and the long term survivability of your business.

Enterprise Services Planning (ESP) is the logical progression of management for 21st Century business inspired by waves of Kanban, MRP and ERP in the 20th Century and adapted from physical industries for those who make intangible goods and deliver services.
Come and see the new wave of ESP software tools. Meet the vendors. Share your challenges and build a new network of peers who all want to seek answers. Learn what to select, when to schedule it, how many things to run in parallel, and how to manage risk, all the time sensing the changing external market conditions and responding with process improvements and business agility.

This exclusive event is restricted to middle and senior managers and consultants who work directly for directors, heads of department and professional services providers.

Register now! ESP Management Summit 2015

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