Kanban Maturity Model

Free Lesson Preview

Barriers to Maturity Level 3

Enjoy this free demo lesson on barriers to maturity level 3. Follow the 4 steps our students take to learn during their blended-learning online course at the David J Anderson School of Management.

Step 1: Watch the Course Video

Follow David Anderson as he explains the course material.

Step 2: View Course Slides

Review the class slides to gain a deeper understanding.


Step 3: Check Your Understanding

Make sure you understood the video correctly. Test yourself with these two listening questions:

Question 1: What is often missing in lower maturity organizations? 

a) The following of the Kanban guide

b) Kanban boards

c) Understanding of why they want to become agile and what outcomes they expect

d) Teams


Question 2: What is one way to overcome lack of skill in negotiation? 

a) Offer business courses

b) Get people involved in STATIK exercises or simulation games

c) Ignore it 

d) Introduce the service delivery review

Understanding of why they want to become agile and what outcomes they expect

Get people involved in STATIK exercises or simulation games

Step 4: Prepare for Live Sessions

Live KMM Class

Students in our online Kanban Maturity Model sessions join trainers for live video sessions where they participate in:

  • Question and answer sessions
  • Group exercises with peers
  • Group reflection and discussion
  • Practice application of the new KMM Assessment tool

Students prepare for live sessions by:

  • Watching video lessons similar to this Barriers to ML3 lesson
  • Reading material on their free KMM+ unlimited access account
  • Reading or viewing additional case studies
  • Preparing their questions to ask trainers or fellow participants

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Did you know...?

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