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Build a strong foundation with our Kanban Management Professional courses. 50% off until July 21st!

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Take the Change Leadership Masterclass with Kanban creator David Anderson. 30% off until July 21st!

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Study the Kanban Maturity Model and Kanban Coaching Practices. 30% off until July 21st!

Become a Kanban Leadership Professional

Discover the Leadership Maturity Model and how to develop leaders capable of agility. 30% off until July 21st!

Become a Kanban Product Professional

Master the F4P Framework and Enterprise Services Planning. 30% off until July 21st!


Training by the
David J Anderson
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Learn more about our different courses and what you can achieve by earning your Kanban University credentials. This course catalog includes information about:

    • Kanban for Remote Working
    • Kanban Management Training
    • Coaching for Continuous Improvement
    • Change Leadership Masterclass
    • Strategic Planning Tools
Our training courses are certified by Kanban University.  Attain the credentials you need in order to evolve the way work is managed and lead change effectively.

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