Coronavirus Update & Live Streaming Announcement

Remote Learning Options Now Available!

Due to the coronavirus will be live streaming our training via video directly from our European training center in Bilbao. 

Receive your training directly from the authors of the Kanban Method and the Kanban Maturity Model, David J Anderson, Teodora Bozheva and Steve McGee without having to leave your home or office. Each class will be delivered by David J Anderson and a co-trainer Teodora Bozheva or Steve McGee who will be answering your questions and providing feedback. 

We are also adjusting the classroom exercises and study so that you can participate in the classroom activity and engage with the class remotely.  

Live streaming gives you the option to receive the very best in Kanban management training wherever you are in the world. 

Our training schedule is going ahead as planned and we welcome you to register. We will also be creating more time options for different countries. Please enquire here info@djaa.com and visit https://djaa.com/schedule for a list of current training classes. 

Kanban University Credentials

Attending online also gives you a pass to attend the training in-person at no extra cost. This is a unique opportunity to participate in a thorough learning experience at a fantastic value. 

All students attending David J Anderson School of Management courses online will still receive a certificate of attendance from the Kanban University. Kanban University credentials will also be honored as usual after attendance in person. 

For students attending online but not attending in person, they have two options to earn their Kanban University credentials.

1. Request the time for a brief closing interview with a senior AKC (David J Anderson, Teodora Bozheva or Steve McGee) to verifying the learnings

2. Revisit the options of attending the class in-person again at a later date.

Join us for our upcoming sessions of the Kanban Maturity Model and the Kanban Coaching Practices live and direct from our training center.

For more information, please contact our training manager who will be available to answer any of your questions relating to our courses and the associated credentials. virginia@djaa.com

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