Hacking Organizational Culture: How to Lead Change

Learn to lead with culture “Outcomes follow practice adoption, practice adoption follows culture”. This course teaches you how to understand the culture of your organization, and provides you with pragmatic, actionable hacks to change and improve it to achieve superior business outcomes.


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  • Description

    The training covers in detail:

    • The Culture of Highly Resilient Organizations
    • Organizational Values
    • Leading with Values
    • Decision Filters to drive Cultural Change
    • Congruence & Alignment
    • Aligning metrics, measures, and incentives with cultural values
    • Leading Change with OKRs – metrics, measures & incentives for resilience & reinvention.
    • Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) overview
    • Better OKRs using the Fit-for-Purpose Framework

    The Fit-for-Purpose Framework

    • Fitness Criteria (selection criteria for customer satisfaction)
    • Health Indicators
    • Improvement Drivers
    • Vanity Metrics and the social-psychological needs and vulnerabilities they reveal

    Catalyzing leadership with accountability & feedback mechanisms

    An operating framework for driving improvements and change using OKRs

  • Course Includes

    Training with David J Anderson
    Interactive group sessions with your peers
    Access to our online learning portal
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