2 Day Offsite Leadership Development Retreat

Private training with David J Anderson in the spacious and safe surroundings of the Austrian Alps. This is a private mentoring and leadership retreat for managers to learn how to lead through a crisis and gain the essential skills and knowledge needed for business resilience and reinvention for these challenging times.


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  • Description

    Lead with Confidence, Manage with Competence.

    Our 2-day offsite residential retreat is set in the spacious surroundings of the Austrian Alps and will be the first in-person training with David J Anderson since February this year.

    The in-person training is a retreat-style mentoring workshop for managers to equip them with the additional leadership skills they need in order to lead through times of crisis and deliver on the need for greater business agility, resilience, and reinvention.

    This is not training from a book but a fully engaged 2-day workshop with David J Anderson, author of the Kanban Method and 21st Century Business Leader. Unlike the online training, you will have time with David J Anderson in person, more time is made available for him to provide mentoring and training specific to your situation in regards to leadership skills.

    The Leadership Retreat, 2-Day Course Covers:

    Understanding the human condition
    Learning to lead by signaling, by inspiration, by example, and by direction.
    Personal risk
    Understanding leadership maturity.
    Identity-driven leadership
    Altruistic leadership
    Purpose-driven leadership
    Humble leadership
    Duty-driven leadership

    The Role of Identity in Leadership

    Dignity, Respect, Recognition, and Status
    Fragile, Resilient, and Robust Cultures

    The Role of Trust and how to build it

    The Role of Discipline and how to encourage it

  • Course Includes

    Private Mentoring with David J Anderson