Online Kanban Maturity Model

This is the list of videos for viewing for the Online Kanban Maturity Model class. Videos are sorted by days as well as slide decks to reference. If you have problems accessing the material please contact

Day 1:

Slide Deck 1- Introduction

Video 1- Introduction

Video 2- The Purpose of KMM

Video 3- KMM Model

Video 4- KMM Architecture

Video 5- Introduction to Values

Slide Deck 2- Maturity Levels

Video 1- Maturity Levels 0-1

Video 2- Maturity Level 2

Video 3- Maturity Level 3

Video 4- Maturity Level 4

Video 5- Maturity Level 5

Video 6- Fit For Purpose

Day 2:

Slide Deck- ML2 Barriers

Video 1- Transition to ML2

Slide Deck- ML3 Barriers

Video 1- Transition to ML3

Slide Deck- ML4 Barriers

Video 1- ML4 Barriers

Video 2- Fixed Date Demand

Video 3- Irrefutable Demand

Video 4- ML3 Dependencies

Day 2 Zoom Meeting

Day 3 Zoom Meeting