Washington, DC Kanban

Kanban for IT/Ops Workshop - December 2&3 - Washington, DC

Kanban Extends Agility and Balance to IT Services and Operations Teams

December 2-3, 2013


Join Dragos Dumitriu for this 2-day workshop as he introduces how the Kanban Method can help Operations teams improve balancing demand against their capability to deliver.  


Kanban for IT Operations focuses on helping people and teams in operations roles develop a new perspective, a new mindset that is easy to learn. We use a variety of teaching approaches, including a game simulation, case studies, white boards and group exercises, where participants can replicate and practice solving challenges they face at work. 


By the end of the course, you will learn how to:

  • Balance planned tasks with break/fix issues
  • Deal with interruptions
  • Understand causes and costs of delay
  • See the value of having cross functional teams
  • Minimize impact from unavailability of critical resources

You will also practice building a kanban board that you will use to understand and manage workflow, work in progress, bottlenecks, and more.


Is this for you?


This training provides a useful perspective for improving work done on the periphery of software development. If ever-more frequent deliveries from software development are increasing pressure on your teams and creating bottlenecks in the delivery process, look at Kanban to extend agility and balance to IT services and operations teams. From Data Administrative Services to Deployment & Release Managers to Help Desk, this class covers beginning to intermediate level material.



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